Brittney Bringuez

As Asylum Program Coordinator, Brittney Bringuez works closely with clinicians and partner organizations on research and advocacy on the topics of ICE detention and U.S./Mexico border policies. Additionally, she provides support to a network of more than 2,000 clinicians who conduct pro bono forensic evaluations to asylum seekers. She contributes to PHR’s growing partnerships with medical school clinics and assists with the Asylum Program’s forensic evaluation trainings for medical professionals.

Bringuez joins PHR with significant experience in immigrant rights advocacy, organizing, policy, and research. She has interned and volunteered with organizations such as Al Otro Lado, Human Rights First, and New Sanctuary Coalition, helping to provide support to asylum seekers, both in the United States and in Mexico. This work has included conducting numerous intake interviews, drafting affidavits and applications, compiling country condition reports and evidentiary support, working closely with attorneys at various firms around New York City on immigration cases, and more. Bringuez has also conducted her own research on the ways in which asylum officers perceive the life-and-death decisions they make as governmental enforcers of the asylum system in the United States.

Bringuez holds a MA in Human Rights Studies from Columbia University and a BA in Educational Studies and Law, Justice, and Social Control from Chapman University. She is fluent in Spanish.