Asylum and Persecution | Asylum Network Trainings

PHR Trainings and Webinars for Health Professionals

PHR’s Asylum Program offers basic and advanced trainings for health professionals to learn how to apply their clinical skills to support asylum applications. These all-day trainings are held a minimum of two times each year and often offer continuing education credits for physicians, psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers. We require all new network members to attend a training prior to taking on their first case, unless they have relevant forensic experience.

2021 Trainings

October 3: SUNY Downstate College of Medicine Asylum Clinic Training. Register here.

October 9: Southern Arizona Asylum CUP Clinic Virtual Forensic Asylum Evaluation Training. Register here.

October 23: Georgetown University PHR Fall Training. Register here.

November 13: Baylor College of Medicine PHR Fall Training. Register Here.

November 14: Columbia’s Asylum Clinic (CHRIA) Fall Training. Register here.

Ongoing Trainings

Chicago Peoples Rights Collaborative Asylum Evaluation Trainings. You must complete all relevant modules by the Chicago Peoples Rights Collaborative, over a few months, to be fully PHR trained, for a total of approximately 7-8 hours of training. Register here.

Weill Cornell Center for Human Rights Fall Trainings. Register here.

Training Highlights:

  • Human rights law, asylum law, and the critical role of the health professional and forensic documentation in immigration cases
  • Physical and psychological evidence of torture and other human rights abuses
  • Effective medical-legal documentation, including affidavit writing
  • Best practices for collaboration between health professionals and attorneys
  • Meeting and networking with other human rights-minded health professionals

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