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We use the power of science and forensic medicine to establish a fact-based record of human rights abuses.

Survivors of human rights violations have a right to justice, a right to know the truth, and a right to an accurate historical record of events grounded in science.

For more than 30 years, Physicians for Human Rights has mobilized health professionals, forensic scientists, and other experts worldwide to investigate and expose allegations of abuse.

We use the power of science and forensic medicine to meticulously document evidence of sexual violence, torture, and other violations. Our experts investigate extra-judicial killings and supervise exhumations of mass graves. We conduct forensic medical and psychological evaluations of U.S. asylum seekers to corroborate their claims of persecution and abuse – evidence that can help them secure safe haven in the United States.

We continuously innovate to ensure that evidence is collected efficiently, safely stored, and securely transmitted so that survivors have the best chance at justice.

Our work forms an incontrovertible, fact-based record of what occurred. Evidence rooted in science is a critical tool to make human rights violators accountable for their crimes.

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One Year of Russia’s Assault on Ukraine’s Health Care System

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