Focus Areas | When Doctors Harm

PHR supports health professionals and organizations in upholding medical ethics and human rights, including the core tenet, “Do No Harm.” We call out those who violate these duties through complicity in human rights abuses.

Health professionals are committed to promoting health and human dignity and reducing suffering; they are guided by fundamental medical ethics to work for the benefit of their patients and the public.

Sometimes, however, medical professionals are enlisted to betray those principles by participating in or abetting the violation of human rights, including the use of torture and ill-treatment.

Through our work, PHR spotlights how such abuses have a profound impact on psychological and physical health. We advocate for medical professionals and organizations to uphold their ethical duties. We support them when they are under attack for refusing to be complicit in abuse. And we shine a spotlight on health professionals who violate their paramount obligation to safeguard health and human dignity.

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