PHR’s staff carry out their work each day with one common goal: to pursue human rights and justice, armed with the indisputable power of medical and scientific forensic evidence.

Donna McKay, MS

Executive Director

Donna McKay joined PHR as executive director in February 2012, bringing more than 20 years of international and domestic nonprofit experience to the organization. She provides overall leadership and strategic direction and manages PHR’s staff and volunteers globally.

Maryam Al-Khawaja

Europe Director and Interim Director of Advocacy

Maryam Al-Khawaja, in her new role as Europe director, is leading the development of PHR’s presence in Europe. Her focus is on international advocacy, partnerships and coalition development, and furthering PHR’s mission to raise awareness of human rights injustices.

Abdulrazzaq Al-Saiedi, MPA

Iraq Country Expert

Abdulrazzaq (Razzaq) al-Saiedi's work at PHR supports and coordinates local Iraqi initiatives that promote justice and strengthen democratic institutions. This work addresses the investigation and collection of evidence in regard to the crimes of torture and sexual violence resulting from the persecution of the Yazidi population in Northern Iraq by ISIL.

Kristin Auerbach

Development Advisor

Kristin Auerbach is a seasoned development consultant recognized for her ability to conceptualize, develop, and manage comprehensive fundraising programs, including board development and management, major gift solicitation, special events, membership, and direct marketing campaigns. As a consultant expert, she is working with PHR to support our annual Gala event and help oversee our individual giving initiatives.

Hannah Chotiner-Gardner

Deputy Chief Development Officer

Hannah Chotiner-Gardner is responsible for designing and implementing a comprehensive strategy to obtain institutional support for PHR projects and operations. To that end, she cultivates and maintains relationships with private foundations, corporations, government agencies, and other institutions. She is responsible for communicating information about PHR’s mission and accomplishments to current and prospective funders and identifying opportunities for them to help finance projects and initiatives that further their own missions and objectives.

DeDe Dunevant

Director of Communications

DeDe Dunevant oversees all communications efforts at Physicians for Human Rights, including publications, media relations, and digital communications. She has directed an update to the organizational identity as well as a complete overhaul of the website and digital advocacy and fundraising toolsets. Her communications career spans 20 years and includes experience in the fields of drug policy reform, education, international volunteerism, and global public health.

Hannah Dunphy

Digital Communications Manager

Hannah Dunphy manages the digital presence and communications of PHR, ensuring that they are engaging and competitive. She brings creative and technical direction to content development, branding, and digital advocacy, and collaborates with other departments at PHR to strategically coordinate online campaigns that focus on digital outreach and development.

Clemmie Faust

Associate Grant Writer

Clemmie Faust writes grant proposals to foundations, governments, and corporations. She is responsible for persuasively communicating PHR's mission and programs to potential funders, as well as supporting stewardship and cultivation efforts of both current funders and new prospects.

Hajar Habbach, MA

Program Associate

Hajar Habbach provides administrative and programmatic support to PHR’s Asylum Program, which works with a network of over 1,000 clinicians to provide forensic evaluations to asylum seekers. She contributes to the growth of PHR’s partnerships with medical schools and facilities, and assists with the Asylum Program’s evaluation trainings for medical professional.

Maram Haddad, MA

Program Coordinator

Maram Haddad provides administrative, logistical, and programmatic support for PHR’s project on building forensic capacity to document, collect, analyze, and preserve evidence of international crimes in northern Iraq. She coordinates the Iraq project’s day-to-day activities, participates in the planning and development of programmatic efforts, and cultivates and maintains strong relationships with stakeholders to advance the goals of the project.

Kathryn Hampton, MSt

Network Program Officer

Kathryn Hampton coordinates PHR’s Asylum Network Program, an initiative which recruits, trains, and supports a network of clinicians to provide forensic evaluations for asylum seekers and to advocate for human rights-based immigration policies.

Derek Hodel

Interim Program Director

In his capacity as Interim Program Director, Hodel oversees all activities of PHR's program division. His oversight includes research, investigations, monitoring and evaluation, documentation, advocacy, and capacity-building projects. He also supervises the operational aspects of work ranging from PHR's U.S. Asylum Network to international programs focused on documenting and addressing sexual violence and mass killings.

Vincent Iacopino, MD, PhD

Senior Medical Advisor

During more than two decades with PHR, Vincent Iacopino, MD has conducted medical fact-finding investigations and documented a wide range of human rights violations all over the world, including in Afghanistan, Botswana, Burma, Chad, Chechyna, Iraq, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, the United States, and Zimbabwe.

Katy Johnson, MA

Program Officer, Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones, Boston

Katy Johnson provides support in monitoring and evaluation and general programmatic activities for the Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones program. She helps forge networks of collaboration among medical, legal, and law enforcement personnel to support prosecutions and accountability.

Suzanne Kidenda

Program Associate, Kenya

Suzanne Kidenda provides logistical and programmatic support for the Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones in Kenya. She aids in the design, initiation, implementation, and monitoring of program activities. She also manages the advancement of mental health and psycho-social projects related to the program, and provides support in advocacy and capacity development for partners and service providers through provision of resources, trainings, and workshops.

Phelim Kine

Deputy Director of Programs and Director of Research and Investigations

Phelim Kine oversees the research and investigations team at PHR, supporting and expanding our framework of investigating, documenting, and advocating to prevent human rights violations. In his role, Phelim leads the team’s current and future work, and coordinates its growth and strategic vision to ensure that PHR is on the front lines worldwide of holding human rights abusers accountable.

Rayan Koteiche, MA

Researcher, Middle East and North Africa

Rayan Koteiche works on documenting, analyzing, and exposing health-related violations of human rights and humanitarian law in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, with a focus on Syria and Yemen.

Varduhi Kyureghyan


Varduhi Kyureghyan manages all accounting functions at Physicians for Human Rights, and oversees the planning, management, and compliance of all fund-related requirements for grants and foundation awards. She oversees month-end, quarter-end, and year-end closings as well as the annual budget process, and manages the annual financial audit, including the preparation and filing of the Form 990 and A-133 SEFA.

Marygrace Lopez

Budget and Grants Manager

Marygrace Lopez joins PHR as Budget and Grants Manager. She is the watchdog for the utilization of the foundation, individual, and government funding PHR receives. She collaborates with program and development staff on the financial component of all phases of grant awards, including pre-award and post-award activities, and ensures that all funding is expended in a manner that maximizes the benefits to PHR.

Nadine Mansour

Communications Associate

Nadine Mansour is responsible for supporting PHR’s communications portfolio, including media relations, digital content, social media, marketing, brand management, and publications. She brings to the role various nonprofit and human rights advocacy, journalism, and international experiences.

Thomas McHale, SM

Senior Program Officer, Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones, Boston

Thomas McHale provides programmatic and capacity development-specific support for PHR’s Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones – a forensic training and advocacy initiative that helps forge networks of collaboration among medical, legal, and law enforcement personnel to support prosecutions and accountability for sexual violence in areas that have experienced conflict-related sexual violence.

Laurie E. McLeod, MBA

Director of Finance and Administration

Laurie McLeod oversees the continued development of PHR’s budget and financial systems, and manages and directs human resources, IT, facilities, and operations programs to support and sustain PHR’s growth plans as Director of Finance and Administration.

Serene Murad, MA

Research Associate

Serene Murad contributes to Arabic-language research for PHR’s online, interactive map of attacks on health care in Syria and Yemen.

Joyeux Mushekuru

DRC Coordinator

Joyeux Mushekuru is the coordinator of the Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he coordinates capacity-development activities for local professionals and represents PHR in meetings with government and NGO representatives.

Maureen Viata Muthinzi, MA

Program and Operations Associate, Kenya

Maureen Muthinzi provides programmatic, training, administrative, logistical, and advocacy support for the Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones in Kenya. She coordinates networks through capacity development and identifying interventions to be considered in cross-sectoral trainings and nurtures the growing pool of trainers within the local networks. She also supports the contact and media databases, and handles logistics for PHR’s trainings on the collection and documentation of court-admissible evidence of sexual violence.

Karen Naimer, JD, LLM, MA

Deputy Director of Programs and Director of the Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones, Boston

Karen Naimer directs PHR's Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones, a training and advocacy initiative that bolsters the ability of doctors, nurses, police officers, lawyers, and judges to support survivors of sexual violence and to collect, document, and preserve forensic evidence to further prosecutions of and accountability for sexual violence in East and Central Africa and elsewhere.

Tamaryn Nelson, BSFS, MPA

Senior Researcher

In her role as senior researcher at PHR, Tamaryn Nelson works as part of the Research and Investigations team in their efforts to document and expose war crimes and mass atrocities. She helps design and conduct rapid response and longer-term field investigations in partnership with volunteer consultant health professionals; cultivates networks of contacts among local and international stakeholders; and writes reports and communications materials documenting and publicizing research findings.

Michael Payne

Advocacy Officer, Washington, DC

Michael Payne is responsible for coordinating and supporting PHR’s policy work in Washington, DC and its advocacy work internationally. He helps identify opportunities to promote and address human rights issues at the domestic and international level, and works in collaboration with a broad array of stakeholders to strategically advance the impact of PHR’s advocacy.

Rosa Peralta, MS

Accounting Associate

Rosa Peralta coordinates the successful day-to-day processing of various accounting functions, including payroll, accounts payable, receivable, and general ledger activity. She works closely with the grants manager and controller to ensure timely and accurate financial reporting and accountability.

Claudia Rader, MS

Senior Communications Manager

Claudia Rader oversees the production of all PHR publications and creates content to raise PHR’s visibility and tell the organization’s story to new audiences. She brings 30 years of experience as a journalist, producer, and writer for international news organizations, UN agencies, and a range of development, humanitarian, and human rights groups.

Elsa Raker

Program Assistant

Elsa Raker is responsible for providing support for the operation of PHR’s programs department and the implementation of programmatic activities. Some of her core functions include providing high-quality logistical, operational, administrative, and office coordination to the programs team. Elsa also helps support the program department's various human rights projects and international advocacy.

Elizabeth Raskin

Interim Program Coordinator, Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones, Boston

Elizabeth Raskin provides administrative, logistical, and programmatic support for the Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones. She coordinates internal financial reporting, accounting, and both U.S. and field-based program expenses. She also handles logistics for PHR’s trainings on the documentation of court-admissible evidence of sexual violence in Kenya and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Emily Reers

Institutional Development Associate

Emily Reers assists PHR’s deputy chief development officer by conducting donor research, maintaining databases, and planning moves management strategies. She is also responsible for cultivating relationships with private foundations, governments, and other institutions.

Beth Scully

Grant Writer

Beth Scully prepares persuasive written fundraising materials for a range of donors, including foundations, governments, corporations, individual major donors, and other prospects. She communicates with funders to garner financial support for PHR's work around the world.

Rachel Sherman-Presser

Executive Assistant

Rachel Sherman-Presser is responsible for providing support to the executive director of Physicians for Human Rights. She assists the director in numerous capacities, including scheduling meetings, creating travel itineraries, tracking financials, and taking minutes. Sherman-Presser is also responsible for office maintenance, including assisting visitors, fielding inquires, and completing other administrative tasks.

Susannah Sirkin, MEd

Director of Policy

Susannah Sirkin oversees PHR’s international policy engagement, including our work with the United Nations, domestic and international justice systems, and human rights coalitions. Sirkin is also responsible for managing and multiplying PHR’s strategic partnerships globally, expanding our volunteers from the medical and scientific community, and increasing our partnerships with NGOs, medical institutions, and other relationships that can enhance PHR’s effectiveness and grow the field of human rights activists. Sirkin joined PHR’s staff in 1987 shortly after its founding. She serves as a senior advisor across all areas, particularly PHR’s work to stop sexual violence in conflict zones – an initiative she created in 2011.

Linnea VanPilsum-Bloom

Operations Coordinator

Linnea VanPilsum-Bloom helps coordinate PHR’s operations, information technology, administration, and human resources functions. She is also responsible for office management, and PHR’s internship program.