Georges Kuzma

Georges Kuzma is an expert in police, justice, and security sector reform and has worked in Chad, the DRC, and Mauritania. He has extensive international experience in forensic investigations and provides technical support as a police and justice expert for PHR through trainings and investigations.

Kuzma served as the project manager in Kinshasa for the European Police mission (EUPOL), where he worked to create a national network of forensic police. In that role, Kuzma trained judges, prosecutors, and police investigators across the DRC, while working closely as an advisor for a number of international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Previously, Kuzma worked on special international investigations into international terrorism and high crimes with the National Judiciary and Forensic Agency based in Lyon, France. Kuzma has extensive training in forensic police investigation as well as IT and technical police work. Prior to graduating from France’s police academy, Kuzma was an Alpine Ranger with the French Army.

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