Will Jaffe

Will Jaffe serves as the Advocacy Coordinator, working closely with PHR’s extensive network of partners to identify and address human rights issues at the domestic and international level. He also works with the programs and research departments by conducting research on subjects such as the prohibition against torture, attacks against medical personnel in Ukraine, and access to reproductive health care.

Jaffe previously served as the Aizik Wolf Fellow at Physicians for Human Rights from 2022-2023 under the Medical Director and Director of Research and Investigations. In this role, he developed training material on the 2022 edition of the Istanbul Protocol, documented attacks against Ukrainian medical facilities since the start of the Russian invasion, conducted research on the dual loyalty concerns posed by abortion bans in the United States, and provided programmatic assistance to the advocacy and communications departments among other responsibilities.

Prior to this, Jaffe served as a research assistant in the University of Chicago Transitional Justice and Democratic Stability Lab, studying how nations in Latin America and Europe recovered from periods of civil war and authoritarianism to build healthy democracies. He also interned at Breakthrough New York, where he built partnerships with educational organizations in the New York area.

Jaffe graduated cum laude with a BA in Political Science from the University of Chicago.

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