Mass Grave Investigations | Mass Crimes in Rwanda

In 1994 in Rwanda, almost a million people were killed in the span of just three months, slaughtered by their fellow citizens in a frenzy of politically-motivated mass killing. It is an atrocity that the international community failed to stop and which weighs heavily on the collective conscience of human rights advocates.

Following the genocide and during justice and peace-building efforts in 1996, PHR, at the request of Justice Richard Goldstone, investigated and documented a mass grave in Rwanda, for purposes of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR).

Evidence that PHR gathered during an examination of a mass grave at Kibuye, Rwanda was used in court to support evidence of the crime of genocide that had taken place in 1994 against the ethnic Tutsi population. The Rwandan grave that PHR investigators examined at was one of the largest mass graves ever exhumed and analyzed for forensic purposes, deploying experts from more than a dozen countries to conduct the investigation. Read more on this groundbreaking discovery in “A Grave on the Road to Justice in Rwanda.”

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