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Advocating Against Attacks on Health at the United Nations: Reflections on the 51st Session of the Human Rights Council    

PHR delivered strong statements to world leaders to stop illegal attacks on health care in places such as Myanmar, Syria, and Ukraine, and demand accountability for human rights abuses.

October 5, 2022
Attacks on Health Care, Mass Atrocities, Persecution of Health Workers, Rohingya

As Putin Bombs Hospitals in Ukraine, I Hear Echoes from Syria

This article was originally published by The New Humanitarian, a news agency specialised in reporting humanitarian crises. Many Syrians are experiencing heart-wrenching flashbacks as we watch the mounting devastation in Ukraine and the millions of refugees fleeing. As a Syrian physician who provided medical care amid the war in my country, it’s especially painful when […]

April 13, 2022
Attacks on Health Care, Mass Atrocities

Protecting the Right to Health in Syria

Syria remains one of the world’s most complex humanitarian emergencies. Ten years of violence have resulted in more than 500,000 casualties, triggered one of the worst displacement crises of our time, and led to the widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure. Homes, schools, and health facilities have not been spared, and people have been deprived of […]

July 8, 2021
Attacks on Health Care, Persecution of Health Workers

For Millions of Civilians, Syria’s Bab al-Hawa Humanitarian Crossing is a Crucial Lifeline

An enormous humanitarian crisis may face the four million people in Syria’s northwest region, specifically the Idlib governorate, which currently relies on one lifeline to outside aid: the Bab al-Hawa border crossing from Turkey. In the months leading up to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019 and early 2020, Idlib faced heavy […]

May 27, 2021
Attacks on Health Care, COVID-19

Syria’s Medical Workers Are Still Fighting for Justice

Originally published by Al Jazeera, March 19, 2021 Every day when I wake up, I think about August 18, 2012 – the day I finally saw the sun after weeks in captivity. For the “crime” of providing healthcare to injured protesters, the Syrian government imprisoned and tortured me at the Military Intelligence Directorate in Aleppo for […]

March 23, 2021
Attacks on Health Care, Mass Atrocities, Persecution of Health Workers, Torture

Celebrating Women in Health and Human Rights

March is Women’s History Month: 31 days to celebrate the contributions of women throughout the ages. Unfortunately, the stories of too many influential women have been lost to time. In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8 and Women’s History Month, PHR is profiling extraordinary women who have made an impact in the movement […]

March 8, 2021

COVID-19 Amidst Syria’s Conflict: Neglect and Suppression

Nine months into the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Syria’s public health conditions continue to worsen by the day. The Syrian government has been heavily criticized for its inadequate response to the spread of the disease and for suppressing information regarding the COVID-19 infection rate. After President Bashar al-Assad’s nine-year targeted assault on medical workers […]

January 13, 2021
COVID-19, Persecution of Health Workers

Despite COVID-19, Five Milestones for International Justice

The COVID-19 pandemic has left no community unscathed. In some countries, health workers face personal protective equipment shortages; in others, governments actively exploit the pandemic to restrict rights to freedom of speech or assembly and suppress access to information about COVID-19. But even in this challenging context, the pursuit of justice for some of the […]

July 17, 2020
Mass Atrocities

COVID-19 Cannot Cover Up the Syrian Government’s Chemical Weapons Outrages

COVID -19 has kept many other outrages out of sight – and, for some governments, probably the hope that those outrages might be forgotten entirely. The Syrian government is one that might have been banking on some amnesia as far as chemical weapons use is concerned. It will be disappointed, likely infuriated, that the Organisation […]

April 24, 2020
Chemical Weapons, COVID-19

Voices from the COVID-19 Pandemic: “Within 20 Days of the First COVID-19 Case, our Health System will Collapse.”

An orthopedic surgeon by specialty, Dr. Munther al-Khalil is head of the Health Directorate of the northwest Syrian governorate of Idlib, which has been under months of bombardment by Syrian government and Russian forces intent on eliminating the last opposition stronghold in the country.  The Idlib Health Directorate focuses on health governance and public health […]

April 21, 2020
Attacks on Health Care, COVID-19, Mass Atrocities