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Human Rights Must Guide Pandemic Responses: 7 Lessons from COVID-19

Today marks a new chapter in the fight against COVID-19, as the Public Health Emergency (PHE) expires in the United States. Similarly, on May 5, 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the end of the Public Health Emergency of International Concern, downgrading COVID-19 from an emergency to an “ongoing health issue” with a need […]

May 11, 2023

PHR Delegation Brings Evidence and Advocacy to the 52nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council

The United Nations Human Rights Council’s 52nd session in Geneva concluded this week with some meaningful advances for health and human rights. In addition to the adoption of the landmark resolution on the human right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment (A/HRC/51/L.7), the Human Rights Council (HRC) also renewed the mandates for several important […]

April 7, 2023
Attacks on Health Care, Mass Atrocities, Weapons

Five Evidence-based Approaches that Deliver Results for Survivors of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and the Clinicians Who Support Them 

As we mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we continue to challenge ourselves to understand what works and what doesn’t, using rigorous, scientific, and trauma-informed approaches.  

November 24, 2022
Rohingya, Sexual Violence

Advocating Against Attacks on Health at the United Nations: Reflections on the 51st Session of the Human Rights Council    

PHR delivered strong statements to world leaders to stop illegal attacks on health care in places such as Myanmar, Syria, and Ukraine, and demand accountability for human rights abuses.

October 5, 2022
Attacks on Health Care, Mass Atrocities, Persecution of Health Workers, Rohingya

Doctors Who Knowingly Spread COVID-19 Lies Should be Held Accountable

Originally published by STAT, September 27, 2022. The California State Legislature has sent a bill to Gov. Gavin Newsom that strengthens discipline for doctors who knowingly spread Covid-19 misinformation. Legislation like this is sorely needed across the country. More than two years into the pandemic, Covid-19 misinformation still runs rampant. Some comes from doctors spreading lies about unproven — […]

October 5, 2022
COVID-19, When Doctors Harm

The International Criminal Court’s 20th Anniversary: How Medical Professionals Advance International Justice

As Russian artillery shells fall indiscriminately in Ukraine, efforts are under way by the international community to document the resulting human rights violations, including a range of attacks that likely constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity. These efforts may indeed be the most robust in recent history. But as the International Criminal Court (ICC) […]

July 15, 2022
Mass Atrocities, Sexual Violence

Six Priorities for New White House Coronavirus Coordinator, Dr. Ashish Jha

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) welcomes and congratulates Dr. Ashish Jha on his new position as the White House Coronavirus Coordinator, which he began this month. PHR is grateful for Dr. Jha’s service on our Board of Directors and wishes him well in this critical role. Dr. Jha takes up this new role at a […]

May 2, 2022

As Putin Bombs Hospitals in Ukraine, I Hear Echoes from Syria

This article was originally published by The New Humanitarian, a news agency specialised in reporting humanitarian crises. Many Syrians are experiencing heart-wrenching flashbacks as we watch the mounting devastation in Ukraine and the millions of refugees fleeing. As a Syrian physician who provided medical care amid the war in my country, it’s especially painful when […]

April 13, 2022
Attacks on Health Care, Mass Atrocities

Helping Asylum-seekers Find Sanctuary

Originally published by Yale Medicine Magazine 2022 Issue 168, “More than skin deep”. Article written by Sumaiya Sayeed. Of the many reasons to leave one’s home country for a new life elsewhere, war, natural disaster, and violent political or religious persecution are among the worst. For those displaced individuals who have sought a better life […]

March 1, 2022

Five Ways to Protect Sexual Violence Survivors in Research and Monitoring and Evaluation

For professionals who work in sexual violence research and monitoring and evaluation (M&E), engaging with survivors of sexual violence can be a powerful tool for combatting impunity and securing justice. But it can be a double-edged sword, particularly if done in a manner that puts survivors at risk of being re-traumatized. Physicians for Human Rights’ […]

December 7, 2021
Sexual Violence