PHR Urges Trump to Reject Torture

PHR joins 15 other human rights defenders in urging U.S. President Donald Trump to refrain from any executive action that would revive the use of torture or any other abusive interrogation or detention techniques. The law is clear, and enjoys bipartisan understanding and agreement, including among many of President Trump’s nominees, cabinet members, and senior advisors: torture is illegal under U.S. domestic and international law, has been proven ineffective, and stands against U.S. core values. Torture’s consequences are dangerous and enduring, both for those who suffer it, and for those ordered to inflict these heinous practices on others. The United States’ strength rests on its uncompromising values. We stand with the human rights community in refusing to repeat history, which has taught us that when countries sacrifice liberty in the name of security, they lose both. We urge President Trump to retract any intention to revive a torture program.

Read the full statement here.

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