Board Emeriti

Jack H. Geiger, MD, M Sci Hyg

Dr. Geiger is the Arthur C.Logan Professor of Community Medicine Emeritus at the City University of NewYork Medical School. He has previously served as professor and chairman of Community Medicine at SUNY-Stonybrook School of Medicine and Tufts University Medical School, as well asVisiting Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

He is a founding member andpast president of Physicians for Human Rights, a founding member and pastpresident of Physicians for Social Responsibility, a founding member and pastpresident of the Committee for Health in South Africa, and a founding memberand national program coordinator of the Medical Committee for Human Rights. Dr.Geiger has led or participated in human rights missions for PHR, the UnitedNations, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science to formerYugoslavia, Iraq and Kurdistan, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and South Africa.

Most of his professional careerhas been focused on the related issues of health, poverty, and civil rights.Dr. Geiger initiated the community health center model in the USA, founding anddirecting the nation’s first two community health centers, in the MississipiDelta and in Columbia Point, Boston. These centers became models for what isnow a national network of more than 1000 CHCs serving some 17 millionlow-income and minority patients.

Dr. Geiger is a member of the Institute ofMedicine, National Academy of Sciences, and the recipient of the IOM’s highesthonor, the Lienhardt Award, for “outstanding contributions to minorityhealth.” In recognition of his work on racial and ethnic discrimination inhealth care, the Congressional Black, Hispanic and Asian American Caucuses havecreated the H. Jack Geiger Congressional Fellowships on Health Disparities foryoung minority scholars.

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