Jacqueline Fall, MA

Jacqueline Fall is a practicing psychologist and an expert on treating survivors of sexual violence. With extensive experience in forensic psychology, Fall has participated in PHR’s capacity development work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, training local professionals in best practices for forensic evidence collection in investigations of sexual violence.

With over 14 years of experience providing support to child victims of sexual assault and other traumas, Fall currently treats survivors in the medical-legal Victim Support Unit of the Hospital of Gonesse, northeast of Paris. Forging partnerships across sectors, she works closely with social and judicial bodies involved in the treatment of victims. Her work focuses in particular on quality of care, awareness-building, and prevention. Fall has shared her expertise in the psychology of trauma, health, society and interculturality through many years of training psychologists, doctors, nurses, maternity and pediatric staff, social actors, and decision makers.

Fall also serves as a volunteer at CUMP 95, a medical and psychological emergency unit, where she plays a critical contribution in the event of violent attacks, hostage situations, and natural and man-made disasters – catastrophes which can claim large numbers of victims and pose great risks of psychological repercussions.

Fall holds an undergraduate degree in psychology, a Master’s in clinical psychology, pathology, and psychoanalysis and an advanced degree in projective psychology from René Descartes University, Paris V. She continuously trains herself in the latest advances in psychology and regularly exchanges with many national and international colleagues.

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