Research Brief

A Politics-free Path to a COVID-19 Vaccine

With COVID-19 cases rising across the world, there is a tremendous sense of urgency to develop, test, and approve a variety of therapeutic and preventive interventions for the disease, including safe and effective vaccines. The health and economic costs of the pandemic have been astronomical. There is wide agreement on the pressing need to open […]

October 30, 2020

Shot in the Head

After George Floyd’s killing, captured on video and shown widely across the United States and around the world, millions of people took to the streets nationwide to support the Black Lives Matter movement and demand police accountability. While protests in the United States in June and July of 2020 were overwhelmingly peaceful and without incident, […]

September 14, 2020

Governors Must Protect the Health Workers Who Protect Us

Originally published by Bloomberg Opinion The federal government’s response to Covid-19 has been haphazard, mismanaged and ultimately deadly. Yet the Trump administration is trumpeting the country’s “success” against the pandemic, with the vice president recently declaring that the U.S. response to Covid-19 is “cause for celebration.” As doctors, we are not celebrating. With more than […]

June 25, 2020

Confronting the Coronavirus: A Previously Non-Frontline Physician’s Reflections

For the past month, although I am a physician, I have been watching from the sidelines as many friends and colleagues have become overwhelmed caring for patients with COVID-19. As the medical director of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), I have been working in other ways to do my part, campaigning to demand more personal […]

April 13, 2020
Asylum, COVID-19

The United States is Using COVID-19 to Abandon Asylum Seekers at the Border

In early March, we traveled to the southern border in Texas to document how U.S. policies have trapped asylum seekers and other migrants in unsafe cities in Mexico. As an attorney and a physician who defend the right to asylum with Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), we are deeply concerned about how the rapid spread […]

April 9, 2020
Asylum, COVID-19

A Science-driven Approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic

These are uncertain times. As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) truly understand the very real ways this has already affected your families and communities. We urge you to take the necessary measures – as instructed by public health experts – to stay healthy and safe at this […]

March 16, 2020

Science-driven Solutions for Combating COVID-19

PHR medical director Dr. Michele Heisler holds a Q&A with science writer and founder of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Global Health Program Laurie Garrett on how governments and health professionals can fight the coronavirus while preserving human rights. Featuring an introduction and closing remarks by PHR Executive Director Donna McKay, who shares insight on […]

March 2, 2020

“My Only Crime Was That I Was a Doctor”

This study’s findings indicate that the government of Syria has targeted health workers for arbitrary arrest, detention, and torture for the ostensible “crime” of honoring their professional codes of ethics, which require them to provide care to the sick and wounded without discrimination.

December 4, 2019
Attacks on Health Care, Mass Atrocities, Torture

How U.S. Immigration Policies Threaten Access to Health

He looked out from the window in the door – the only window in the cold, cement room in which he was being held. Inside was only a bed and a urinal. It’s called a “suicide watch room” and he’s being held there because he suffers from mental illness, the guards explained. Far from a […]

November 15, 2018

Aleppo Abandoned

The Syrian government’s ongoing assault on health care is one of the most egregious the world has ever seen. PHR has documented the deaths of 687 medical personnel and 329 attacks on medical facilities from the beginning of the conflict through October 2015. This report focuses specifically on the state of health care in eastern […]

November 1, 2015
Attacks on Health Care

Contempt for Freedom: State Use of Tear Gas as a Weapon and Attacks on Medical Personnel in Turkey

Read the report (pdf) In this report, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) documents the Turkish government’s unnecessary and excessive use of force and attacks on medical personnel in response to the peaceful protests that began in May 2013. The Turkish government attacked independent medical personnel who courageously provided care to the injured in accordance with […]

September 1, 2013
Persecution of Health Workers