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MediCapt and Technology Project Management Consultant, DRC

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Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), which shared in the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997, is a U.S.-based international advocacy organization working at the intersection of medicine, science, and law. With a global network of thousands of medical, scientific, and legal experts, PHR uses the power of medical and scientific evidence to document human rights and humanitarian law violations and prevent abuses, protect survivors, and promote justice and universal human rights for all.

Building upon its highly respected place in the field, and supported by a committed and talented team, PHR seeks a MediCapt and Technology Project Management Consultant, DRC. 

Work Authorization: Applicants must be authorized to work in Bukavu, DRC

Location: Bukavu, DRC

Reports to: Director of Program of SVCZ

Organizational Overview

Physicians for Human Rights was founded in 1986 by five physicians who were united in the belief that health professionals, with their specialized skills, ethical duties, and credible voices, are uniquely positioned to prevent harm and promote respect for human rights. Since its founding, PHR has built a long and distinguished record of accomplishment by conducting groundbreaking investigations and advocacy, in concert with strategic partners.

PHR’s approach includes extensive documentation of the use of illegal and inhumane weapons in armed conflicts, attacks on civilians, and the physical and psychological impacts of torture and sexual violence as a weapon of war. Other core activities include protecting the rights of those seeking asylum in the United States, the human rights implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, and halting attacks on medical facilities and frontline health professionals.

With its dedicated staff of approximately 50 people, dozens of interns, consultants, and thousands of volunteer experts, Physicians for Human Rights:

  • Produces evidence about human rights violations based on medical science, research, investigations, and forensic documentation that supports prosecution of perpetrators in local, regional, and international justice settings;
  • Trains and supports medical, law enforcement, legal, and justice professionals in conflict and post-conflict regions to document torture, sexual violence, and other violations so that there is an evidentiary foundation for prevention, protection, justice, and redress for these crimes;
  • Works with medical associations and individuals to reinforce the highest standards of medical ethics and uphold their professional obligation to “do no harm”;
  • Defends medical professionals when they are harassed, attacked, or jailed by authorities for carrying out their professional obligations;
  • Corroborates the human rights abuse claims of people fleeing government-sanctioned persecution and torture through a network of more than 2,000 medical professionals who conduct physical and psychological examinations of U.S. asylum seekers; and
  • Advocates for human rights policy reforms globally and for robust responses to rights violations from local and national governments, regional bodies, and the United Nations.

Role Description

PHR is seeking a consultant to act in the capacity of MediCapt and Technology Project Management Consultant, DRC. The MediCapt and Technology Project Management Consultant, DRC will work with the Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones and will manage and ensure oversight of the MediCapt project in DRC. MediCapt is a mobile app that enables clinicians to use MediCapt to compile medical evidence of sexual violence, photograph survivors’ injuries, and securely transmit the data to police, lawyers, and judges involved in prosecuting sexual violence crimes. The app converts a standardized medical intake form for forensic documentation to a digital platform and combines it with a secure mobile camera to facilitate forensic photography. After successful pilots in Kenya, the app is ready for scale. The MediCapt and Technology Project Management Consultant, DRC will play a critical role in supporting the growth of the MediCapt project. The MediCapt and Technology Project Management Consultant, DRC is responsible for leading implementation of the project and scaling strategy in DRC, including project management, support of end users, facilitating trainings and other activities, coordinating with consultants, partnership cultivation, and collaborating with PHR staff and consultants in Kenya, DRC, the US, and Europe. 


  • Oversee implementation of the MediCapt strategy DRC; 
  • Manage project budget and operations for MediCapt implementation;  
  • Support medical, legal, and law enforcement end users through organizing trainings, on and off-site mentorship, assistance with troubleshooting, etc.; 
  • Manage relationships with partners to support the piloting and scaling of MediCapt in DRC 
  • Together with the DRC coordinator, engage with high-level stakeholders and collaborators to build strategic partnerships and support MediCapt growth; 
  • Support implementation of PHR initiatives to strengthen the physical and digital security of forensic records of sexual violence in hospital settings, including supporting audit processes and monitoring implementation of recommendations; 
  • Support the recruitment of technology, medical, nursing, legal, and law enforcement expert consultants to implement the project as required; 
  • Communicate regularly with the team on implementation progress, including challenges, opportunities, etc. 
  • Contribute to donor proposals and reports, including developing activity plans and timelines, building budgets, and drafting and reviewing language; 
  • Collaborate with PHR MediCapt staff in the development of tools, plans, and strategies to support the scaling of MediCapt;  
  • Monitor developments in the regulatory environment, as well as the ecosystem of human rights tech and e-Health tools in DRC; 
  • Work with program team to assist with monitoring and evaluation; 
  • Represent the project externally with end users, donors, and other partners, as required; 
  • Act with kindness, respect, goodwill, non-discrimination, transparency, collaboration, and mentorship. 


  • Experience in nonprofit project management, ideally in sexual violence, public health, or digital health programs  
  • BAC + 5 in public health, computer science, international development, business administration, human rights, or similar field  
  • Experience in managing complex projects with diverse stakeholders  
  • Tech savvy, comfortable using technology, talking about technology, and troubleshooting basic tech issues 
  • Knowledge or experience in sexual violence, public health, justice, human rights, and/or women’s rights highly desirable 
  • Able and willing to travel domestically and internationally periodically 
  • Authorized to work in DRC 

Qualifications of the Ideal Candidate

  • Excellent project manager, flexible and skilled in executing multiple tasks, managing projects and budgets, and working across teams 
  • Superb oral and written communication skills in English and French 
  • Experience managing a tech project, ideally a digital health tool 
  • Excellent cross-cultural communication skills 
  • Ability to build and manage relationships with end users, government stakeholders, hospital administrators, tech developers, and other relevant partners. 

Salary and Benefits

This is a Consultancy position located in DRC. Salary is commensurate with experience.

How to Apply

Please email cover letter and resume to Please include the job title of the position you are applying for in the subject line of your email and where you saw this job posting in the email body.

Physicians for Human Rights is an equal opportunity employer. We recruit and hire without regard to race, national origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, prior conviction, arrest history, disability, marital status, veteran status, or age.

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