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PHR produces a wide variety of practical resources for medical, law enforcement, and legal professionals engaged in the collection and documentation of forensic evidence of sexual violence. These are produced on an ongoing basis and are designed to accompany PHR trainings on these topics.

Factsheets and Practitioner Tools

Child Interview Recording Kit (CIRK)

The Child Interviewing Recording Kit (CIRK) is a set of digital tools and technical protocols developed by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) to guide medical, legal, and psychosocial professionals through the complex process of collecting video testimony from pediatric survivors of sexual violence and other abuses. English French

ViVoMo Voice Modification System

ViVoMo is a voice modification system developed by PHR that empowers and protects victims and witnesses of sexual violence by allowing them to testify without being identified by the defendants, witnesses, or members of the public. English French

Facts about the Hymen

This factsheet presents facts that show that the examination of the hymen is not an accurate or reliable test of sexual activity, including sexual assault. English French Arabic

Forensic Medical Certificate

PHR experts and staff collaborated with doctors, nurses, police officers, lawyers, and judges in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to develop this model standardized medical form to collect, document, and preserve court-admissible evidence of sexual violence. English French

Forensic Medical Certificate: Practical Guide

This practical guide provides tips for healthcare providers who are using the forensic medical certificate to conduct a clinical evaluation of a survivor of sexual violence. English French

Completing the Kenyan Post Rape Care (PRC) Form: Practical Guide

This guide provides tips for Kenyan professionals to use when completing the PRC Form during a clinical evaluation. English


What Is Informed Consent?

This film explains the process by which a patient who has experienced sexual violence may provide or withdraw permission to proceed with a forensic medical evaluation before, during, or after the medical exam. This film is intended to be screened for the patient. English French Swahili

How to Obtain Meaningful Informed Consent

This film provides an overview of the key steps for clinicians to follow in order to obtain informed consent from patients before, during, and after a forensic examination for sexual assault. This film is intended to be screened for clinicians. English French Swahili

What Is Forensic Photography?

This film provides an overview of the key elements for documenting photographic evidence of sexual violence in connection with a sexual assault medical examination. This film is intended to be screened for clinicians. English French Swahili

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