Challenging Harmful Practices | Anal Testing

In 2015, six Tunisian students were sentenced to three years in prison after a forensic doctor performed anal examinations on them and wrote an affidavit affirming that the men had engaged in sodomy.

Anal examinations are forcibly conducted in many countries where consensual anal intercourse is considered a crime. Police, prosecutors, or courts can request that men suspected of being homosexuals be subjected to these tests, which have no medical or scientific value, and almost always result in significant physical and psychological pain.

The participation of health professionals in anal examinations is a violation of medical ethics. The procedures are often carried out without meaningful consent, and, when they are forcibly conducted and involve anal penetration, should be considered a form of sexual assault and rape.

PHR advocates to end anal examinations and to prevent medical professionals from participating in this cruel, inhuman, and degrading practice. In 2016, we contributed to a statement on the scientific illegitimacy of forced anal testing and the physical and psychological suffering caused by this abusive practice.

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