Medical Professionals Killed in Syria

March 2011–March 2012

As compiled by PHR from interviews with local physicians and analysis of news reports.

The violent crackdown in Syria has disproportionately impacted members of the medical community. PHR has gathered the names and detailed information of 55 of the estimated dozens of medical professionals who have been killed in Syria since the unrest began in March 2011.

Given the situation on the ground, PHR has been unable to independently verify these details. However, they have been collected from a variety of reliable sources operating in Syria, including a group called the Doctor Coordinate of Damascus. The organizations and individuals providing this content are all involved in the Syrian medical community’s response to the crisis.

NameAge in YearsOccupationDate of DeathLocation of DeathReported Circumstance of Death
1 FadiAbdulasame’e Alatassi 39 Pharmacist 6 Feb 2012 Homs, Baba Amr Bombing of a clinic
2 Mustafa Safar 56 Physician 30 Jan 2012 Homs, Hay Alshamas Shot three times for treating wounded at the Bissan Clinic
3 Abdul Al Ra’ouf MIlato N/A Pharmacist 6 Feb 2012 Idlib Targeted by a sniper for providing humanitarian assistance
4 Wassim Abdullatif Qutaish 27 Dentist, Masters student 4 Feb 2012 Dara’a, Masifra Shot by security forces
5 Mohamed Alawad 29 Pharmacist 24 Dec 2011 Homs, Baba Amr Shot three times, once in the heart, once in the shoulder and once in the foot
6 Ghassan Maher khankan N/A Pharmacist 18 Dec 2011 Homs Shot in the head by a sniper
7 Ma’ath Abdulkarim Al faris N/A Physician 24 Nov 2011 Homs, Hula Arrested and tortured to death
8 Emad Sarour N/A Medical Student 28 Dec 2011 Hama, Alhadher Killed by gangs and security forces while treating the injured
9 Ali Alhazori N/A Physician 28 Oct 2011 Homs, Baba Amr N/A
10 Maha Arafat (female) 35 Nurse 9 Dec 2011 Suburb Damascus Shot in the head by security forces
11 Jamal Mamdooh Alfatwah N/A Pharmacist 14 Aug 2011 Homs Arrested and tortured to death
12 Mohammed Natheer Al Yousif N/A Dentist 24 Jan 2012 Idlib Shot in his car
13 Ahmed Alsheikh Yassin N/A Medical Student 24 Dec 2011 Haman, Abi Alfida Shot
14 Mohammed Adel Nathir 30 Physician 13 Dec 2011 Idlib, Ma’arat Massriteen Shot in the eye
15 Khalid Adel AlsheikhAdel Moussa N/A Physician 31 Jul 2011 N/A Building shelled
16 Abdulrahim Alalmer N/A Physician 30 Sep 2011 Homs, Alrastan Died in the Albar hospital
17 Ayham Ahmed Alhariri N/A Physician 30 May 2011 Dara’a Shot in the head
18 Taha Suleiman Salama N/A Physician 4 Aug 2011 Dara’a N/A
19 Taha Al Sakri N/A Physician 4 Aug 2011 Dara’a Shot in the chest by a sniper
20 Mohammed Mowafaq Dakhalallah N/A Nurse 4 Aug 2011 Dara’a Ambulance set on fire by security forces
21 Ali Gahsab Almahameed N/A Cardiologist 23 Mar 2011 Dara’a Shot in the head and chest while driving to a mosque
22 Na’uman Abdulal 48 Pediatrician 3 Feb 2012 Latakia Died after being released from prison, where he was denied medical treatment
23 Ayman Al Balkhi N/A Physician 29 Jan 2012 Saqba, Suburb Damascus Shot
24 Sherzad Haj Rashid 25 Internist 9 Feb 2012 Alppo Shot in the head by security forces on his way home
25 Sameer Bakour N/A Pharmacist 22 Apr 2011 Homs, Teldo Shot
26 Abdulrahman Khir Aljarad N/A Nurse 11 May 2011 Dara’a, Alhara Shot
27 Mahmoud Ahmed Alrashidat N/A Nurse 21 May 2011 Dara’a, Alkarak Tortured to death in prison
28 Haitham Yousef Alyounis N/A Surgeon 25 Dec 2011 Damascus, Harasta Assassinated in his own clinic
29 Mustafa Al Hijazi N/A Physician 16 Dec 2011 Homs, Hay alqasour N/A
30 Abdulrazzaq Jibero N/A Dentist, Red Crescent director 25 Jan 2012 Idlib Assassinated
31 Hakam Drak Sibai 25 Red Crescent paramedic 7 Sep 2011 Homes Shot inside a Red Crescent Ambulance
32 Sakher Hallak 43 Physician 27 May 2011 Aleppo Arrested, then found dead
33 Jihad Abdullah Alsaid 50 Physician 15 Nov 2011 Aleppo Murdered by an unknown in the clinic
34 Nadhem Ibrahim N/A Hospital Director 13 Aug 2011 Homs, Alhula Car shelled
35 Ashraf Alhariyat N/A Physician 31 May 2011 Dara’a, Alharak N/A
36 Mohammed Thakr Al Ahmed N/A Pharmacy Student 8 Feb 2012 Deir Al Zoor He was attacked by security personnel in his home the day after he announced a strike at his university
37 Mohammed Moufaq Dakhalallah N/A Nurse 8 Apr 2011 Dara’a He was shot in an ambulance by security forces
38 Ibrahim Othman 26 Physician 10 Nov 2011 On the Border between Syria and Türkiye Shot while trying to escape from security on the border
39 Mohammed Dirar Attar N/A Dentistry student 25 Feb 2012 Aleppo Shot in the eye by security forces
40 Jihad Abdullah Al Qadri N/A Nurse 26 Apr 2011 Dara’a N/A
41 Mohamed Kheddr Khaddour N/A Nurse N/A Homs, Qasir Shot in an ambulance
42 Farhan Abu Samra N/A Nurse 10 Nov 2011 Homs, Al Nazjin Injured in an ambulance
43 Khalid al-Shami N/A Nurse 21 Jan 2012 N/A Shot in a car used to transport injured
44 Bouris Al Matab N/A Nurse 1 Mar 2011 Dara’a N/A
45 Abdul Al Hamid Mando N/A Physician 29 Feb 2012 Homs, Dawar Ghouta Killed with his wife and three childrent checkpoint
46 Abdul-Jabbar Hilal N/A Physician 2 Mar 2012 Homs, Hajaz Alshour Killed when coming from Baba Amr
47 Ali Al Mousa N/A Dentistry student 10 Sep 2011 Homs, Zahra N/A
48 Mohamed Askar N/A Dentistry student 19 Nov 2011 Dara’a, Ghabaghab N/A
49 Qasim Saeed Hilal N/A Medical student 5 Dec 2011 Homs, Deir Baaba N/A
50 Abdulrazzaq Al-Raid Abdulrazzaq 20 Medical student N/A Deir Al-zour N/A
51 Maad Alhadiz 52 Pharmacist 18 Aug 2011 Homs Security shot him three times in the head at his pharmacy
52 Husein Al Ismaail N/A Pharmacist 2 Nov 2011 Idlib N/A
53 Hamada Abdulmajid Hamada 36 Pharmacist 11 Jan 2012 Hamaa, Kafir Nabouda N/A
54 Assad Al Jamaan 41 Red Crescent medic 27 Feb 2012 Homs, Palmyra Tortured to death after being arrested by the security forces
55 Maher Damuk 23 Medical student 27 Jan 2012 Aleppo, Izaz

House shelled

56 Husam Huraira 42 Dentist 23 Mar 2012 Homs, Jourat Alshayah

Shot by a sniper

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