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After 1000 Days of War, Yemen Can’t Wait

PHR signs joint letter urging President Trump, Prime Minister May, and President Macron to prevent further catastrophe and famine in Yemen

For Immediate Release

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December 2017 marks 1000 days since the escalation of a war that has turned the Middle East’s poorest country into the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, leaving Yemen ravaged by preventable diseases and on the verge of a historic famine. Every ten minutes, a child dies from hunger or disease. Three-quarters of the population – 22 million people – need humanitarian assistance to survive.

All parties to the conflict have repeatedly carried out deplorable violations against civilians, with almost complete impunity. The recent blockade imposed by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates has made an already catastrophic situation worse. It has barred delivery of life-saving food, medicines and fuel, leading to hospitals shutting down, and whole cities without clean water or working sanitation. The increased violence in Sana’a, and the killing of former President Saleh by the Houthis risks further increasing the threat to Yemen’s civilians.

The international community has failed to take the action needed to end this man-made catastrophe. Millions of Yemeni women, men and children feel abandoned by global leaders who seem to put profit and politics above human lives. Throughout 1000 days since the conflict escalated, quiet diplomacy has failed to curb violation after violation by the warring parties.

The US, UK, and France, as permanent members of the UN Security Council and major weapons suppliers to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, bear a special responsibility to use the full extent of their leverage to press their partners in the region to end the crisis. Instead of stoking the flames of a war that is strangling an entire population and risks destabilising the entire region, they could be the brokers of peace.

We are at a tipping point. To prevent further catastrophe and famine, Yemen needs an immediate ceasefire; an end to all blockages on access for food, fuel and medical supplies; and investment in a new, inclusive peace process in which women, youth and diverse civil society meaningfully participate. We call upon President Trump, Prime Minister May, and President Macron, to take urgent action at the UN Security Council to make this happen.

Our message to them is simple: if you don’t want the burden of the lives of thousands more Yemeni children on your hands, then the time to act is now. Yemen can’t wait any longer.


  1. Aaron Huey, National Geographic photographer, (US)
  2. Abbas Milani, Hamid & Christina Moghadam Director of Iranian Studies, Stanford University, (US)
  3. Abby Maxman, President, Oxfam America, (US)
  4. Abderrahmane Sissako, Filmmaker, (Mauritania)
  5. Abdessalam Kleiche, Researcher, (France)
  6. Abdulrahman Hussain, Yemeni Film director and Producer at comfilms, co-founder of SupportYemen media collective, (Canada)
  7. AbdulRazzaq H. Al-Azazi, Indepdent Yemeni journalist, (Kuwait)
  8. Abdusalam Alahsab, Civil Strengthening Network, (Yemen)
  9. Advocate Dumisa Ntsebeza SC, Spokesperson, The Advocates For Transformation, (South Africa)
  10. Afrah Nasser, Independent Yemeni journalist, (Yemen)
  11. Agnès Jaoui, Actress and film director, (France)
  12. Ahmad al-Gohbary, Yemeni journalist, (Yemen)
  13. Alan Brown MP, MP for Kilmarnock and Loudoun, (UK)
  14. Alison Thewliss MP, MP for Glasgow Central, (UK)
  15. Alyssa Milano, Actor, activist, entrepreneur, (US)
  16. Amal Basha, Director, Sisters’ Arab Forum for Human Rights (SAF), (Yemen)
  17. Ambassador (ret) Stephen A. Seche, Former U.S. Ambassador to Yemen, 2007-2010, (US)
  18. Amr Hamzawy, Egyptian Writer and Political Scientist, (Egypt)
  19. Ana Gomes MEP, MEP Portugal (Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats), (Portugal)
  20. Andrew Mitchell MP, MP for Sutton Coldfield, (UK)
  21. Andrew Ross, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University, (US)
  22. Angélique Kidjo, Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, (Benin)
  23. Ann Suellentrop M.S. R.N., Physicians for Social Responsibility, Kansas City, (US)
  24. Annie Lahmer, Local councillor, (France)
  25. Anuradha Chenoy, Professor, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, (India)
  26. Arang Keshavarzian, Associate Professor, New York University, (US)
  27. Arielle de Rothschild, President, CARE France, (France)
  28. Arthur H, Musician, (France)
  29. Audrey Pulvar, President, Foundation for Nature and Man, (France)
  30. Aziz Pahad, Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of South Africa, (South Africa)
  31. B. Donovan Picard, Partner, Picard Kentz & Rowe, (US)
  32. Babulal Sethia, Past-President, Royal Society of Medicine, London, (UK)
  33. Bahey eldin Hassan, Director, Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS), (Egypt)
  34. Barbara Berardi, Researcher, EHESS Paris, (France)
  35. Baroness Lindsay Northover, Liberal Democrat Lords Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, (UK)
  36. Baroness Shas Sheehan, Liberal Democrat International Development Spokesperson, (UK)
  37. Bassma Kodmani, Director, The Arab Reform Initiative, (Syria)
  38. Benoit Tadie, Professor, Rennes 2 University – Former head of cooperation, French Embassy in Yemen (1998-2002), (France)
  39. Bernard Faivre d’Arcier, Former Director, Avignon Festival, (France)
  40. Bertrand Badie, Professor, Sciences Po Paris, (France)
  41. Beverly Johnson MD CCFP, President, Federation of Medical Women of Canada, (Canada)
  42. Bill Kidd MSP, Chief Whip, Scottish Government, (Scotland)
  43. Bishop Francis Loyo, The Bishop of the Diocese of Rokon, Province of the Episcopal Church (Anglican) of South Sudan (ECSS), (South Sudan)
  44. Bishop Tony Robinson, Bishop of Wakefield, (UK)
  45. Bodil Valero, MEP and Vice-President, Group of the Greens, (Sweden)
  46. Brian Dooley, Senior Advisor, Human Rights First, (US)
  47. Bruce Riedel, Senior Fellow and Director of the Brookings Intelligence Project & Senior Fellow, Brookings Center for Middle East Policy, (US)
  48. Burkhard Vogt, Archaeologist, (Germany)
  49. Cali, Singer-songwriter, (France)
  50. Camélia Jordana, Musician, (France)
  51. Campbell Robb, Trustee of CARE International UK, (UK)
  52. Carol Monaghan MP, MP for Glasgow North West, (UK)
  53. Catherine Clément, Philosopher, (France)
  54. Catherine Zennström, Founder & co-chair of Zennström Philanthropies, (UK)
  55. Chandler Davis, Professor, University of Toronto, (US)
  56. Charles Berling, Actor, (France)
  57. Charlotte Rampling, Actress, (UK)
  58. Chris Dammers, Retired consultant on conflict prevention, human rights and international development, (UK)
  59. Chris Doyle, Director, CAABU (Council for Arab-British Understanding), (UK)
  60. Chris Shute, Former British Consul-General, Yemen, (UK)
  61. Christina McKelvie MSP, MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, (UK)
  62. Christine Lazerges, President, National Consultative Commission on Human Rights (CNCDH), (France)
  63. Claire Fehrenbach, Executive Director, Oxfam France, (France)
  64. Commissioner Solomon Ayele Dersso, Commissioner at African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, (Ethiopia)
  65. Congressman Ro Khanna, U.S. Representative, CA-17 (Democratic Party), (US)
  66. Congresswoman Barbara Lee, U.S. Representative, CA-13 (Democratic Party), (US)
  67. Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, U.S. Representative, WA-07 (Democratic Party), (US)
  68. Dana Pietsch, Member of the Germany-Yemeni Society, (Germany)
  69. Daniel Benoin, Stage director, (France)
  70. Daniel Herrero, Writer, former rugby player, (France)
  71. Daniel R. Mahanty, U.S. Program Director, Center for Civilians in Conflict, (US)
  72. Daniel Schelstraete, Retired Engineer, the French National Geographical Institute, (France)
  73. Danny Glenwright, Executive Director, Action Against Hunger Canada, (Canada)
  74. David Linden MP, MP for Glasgow East, (UK)
  75. David Swanson, Director, World Beyond War, (US)
  76. Diane Randall, Executive Secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, (US)
  77. Dimitris Christopoulos, President, FIDH, (France)
  78. Dominique Blanc, Actress, (France)
  79. Donna McKay, Executive Director, Physicians for Human Rights, (US)
  80. Dorothy Ghettuba Pala, Filmmaker & TV Producer, Co-Founder & CEO Spielworks Media, (Kenya)
  81. Douglas Chapman MP, MP for Dunfermline and West Fife, (UK)
  82. Dr Anna Stavrianakis, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Sussex, (UK )
  83. Dr James Smith, CEO, Aegis Trust, (UK)
  84. Dr Kate Ferguson, Managing Director, Protection Approaches, (UK)
  85. Dr Mehari Taddele Maru, Chief Strategist at the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), (Ethiopia)
  86. Dr Nahid Azad, MD, FRCPC, CCPE, Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa and Federation of Medical Women of Canada, (Canada)
  87. Dr Philippa Whitford MP, MP for Central Ayrshire, (UK)
  88. Dr. Christian Darles, Honorary professor, University of Toulouse-France, Member of the French archaeological mission in Yemen, (France)
  89. Dr. Elham Manea, Yemeni/Swiss academic and writer, (Switzerland)
  90. Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, Founding Chairman, Genocide Watch, (US)
  91. Dr. Jillian Schwedler, Professor of Political Science, City University of New York, (US)
  92. Dr. John Torpey, Director of the Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies at the City University of New York Graduate Centre, (US)
  93. Dr. Rouba Mheisen, Founder and Director of SAWA for Development and Aid, (Lebanon)
  94. Dr. Ziad Alissa, President, UOSSM, (France)
  95. Eddie Izzard, Actor, comedian and activist – born in Yemen, (UK)
  96. Edward Bickham, Trustee of CARE International UK, (UK)
  97. Elisa Massimino, President and CEO of Human Rights First, (US)
  98. Elkori Babit, Tomorrow Association of Human Rights, (Morocco)
  99. Ella Al-Shamahi, National Geographic Explorer, (UK)
  100. Elrayah Kakki, CEO, Nuba Mountains Peoples Foundation, (UK)
  101. Emma Lewell-Buck MP, MP for South Shields, (UK)
  102. Emmanuel Wallon, Professor of Political Sociology, Paris Nanterre University, (France)
  103. Eric Vallet, Assistant Professor, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, (France)
  104. Erica Deuber Ziegler, Art historian, University of Geneva, (Switzerland)
  105. Ervand Abrahamian, Professor Emeritus, City University of New York, (US)
  106. Fadi Al-Qadi, MENA Human Rights and Civil Society Expert, (Jordan)
  107. Fatima Bhutto, Author, (Pakistan)
  108. Federica Sambiase, Trustee of CARE International UK, (UK)
  109. Fiona O’Loughlin TD, VP of Fianna Fail and Spokesperson for Equality, (Republic of Ireland)
  110. Frances Guy, Former British Ambassador to Yemen, 2001-4, (UK)
  111. Francesco Fedele, Professor of Anthropology, University of Naples, and member of the Italian Archaeological Mission to Yemen, (Italy)
  112. Francis Plowden, Trustee of CARE International UK, (UK)
  113. François Burgat, Political scientist, Institute for Research and Studies on the Arab and Muslim world (IREMAM), (France)
  114. François Frison-Roche, Political scientist, researcher at CNRS, University Paris2, (France)
  115. Françoise Sivignon, President, Médecins du Monde (MDM), (France)
  116. Frank Schwalba-Hoth, Co-founder, German Greens, former Member of European Parliament, (Germany)
  117. Fulton MacGregor MSP, MSP for Coatbridge & Chryston, (UK)
  118. Gabriele Vom Bruc, Senior Lecturer, University of London, (UK)
  119. Gar Smith, Co-founder, Environmentalists Against War, (US)
  120. Gavin Newlands MP, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, (UK)
  121. George Ghali, Human Rights Defender, (Lebanon)
  122. Ger Duany, UNHCR Regional Goodwill Ambassador for the East and Horn of Africa, (South Sudan)
  123. Gilles Gauthier, Former French Ambassador to Yemen, Advisor to the President of the Arab World Institute in France, (France)
  124. Gisella Kallenbach, Former Member of European Parliament, Former Member of the State Parliament of Saxony, (Germany)
  125. Gopal Pillai, Former Union Home Secretary, Government of India and currently Chairman, Data Security Council of India, (India)
  126. Graeme Dey MSP, MSP for Angus South, (UK)
  127. Guillaume Binet, Photojournalist, (France)
  128. Guy Gibson, Trustee, War Child UK, (UK)
  129. H.E. Frank Majoor, Former Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN and to NATO, (Netherlands)
  130. Haggag Nayel, Lawyer and Director of the Arab program for Human Rights Activists, (Egypt)
  131. Haitham Al-Asbahy, Human Rights Activist and Researcher, (Yemen)
  132. Harun Rashid Khan, Secretary General, Muslim Council of Britain, (UK)
  133. Helen Lackner, Independent Rural Development Expert, author of ‘Yemen in Crisis, autocracy, neo-liberalism and the disintegration of a state’, (UK)
  134. Hemiar Ali Mohammed Alharbi, Secretary General, Human Life Foundation for Development and Relief, (Yemen)
  135. Holly G. Atkinson, MD, CUNY School of Medicine, (US)
  136. Hon. Naisula Lesuuda, OGW, Member of Parliament, Republic of Kenya, (Kenya)
  137. Hon. Neto Agostinho, Former MP, Kenya, (Kenya)
  138. Hon. Wafula Wamunyinyi MP, MP for Kanduyi, Member of Human Rights Caucus, Parliament of Kenya and former Head of African Union mission in Somalia, (Kenya)
  139. Hugh Miall, Emeritus Professor of International Relations, University of Kent, (UK)
  140. Husain Abdulla, Executive Director, Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain, (US)
  141. Imran Madden, Director, Islamic Relief UK, (UK)
  142. Ines de la Fressange, Fashion designer, former model, (France)
  143. Iona Lawrence, Director, Jo Cox Foundation, (UK)
  144. Irene Rossi, Researcher, CNR Italy, (Italy)
  145. Isaac Evans-Frantz, Lead Organiser, Action Corps NYC, (US)
  146. Ivan McKee MSP, MSP for Glasgow Provan, (UK)
  147. Iwona Gajda, Researcher, CNRS, (France)
  148. Jackie Chimhanzi, CEO, Africa Leadership Institute, (South Africa)
  149. Jacob Tas, Trustee, War Child UK, (UK)
  150. Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa, Founder, Hoja Law Group, (Nairobi)
  151. Jacques Boutault, Mayor of the 2nd district of Paris, (France)
  152. Jamel Msallem, President, Tunisian League of Human Rights, Nobel Prize Laureate 2015, (Tunisia)
  153. James Lawless TD, Fianna Fáil, Kildare North, (Republic of Ireland)
  154. James W. Gould, Professor Emeritus International Relations, Scripps College, (US)
  155. Jan Egeland, Secretary-General of the Norwegian Refugee Council, Former United Nations Under Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, (Norway)
  156. Jan Gruiters, General Director, PAX, (The Netherlands)
  157. Jan Sebastian Friedrich-Rust, CEO, Action Against Hunger Germany, (Germany)
  158. Janis Alton, Co-Chair, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, (Canada)
  159. Jean Lambert, Professor and researcher, CERMOM-INALCO, (France)
  160. Jean Michel Grand, CEO, Action Against Hunger UK, (UK)
  161. Jean Ziegler, Vice-Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the UN Human Rights Council, (Switzerland)
  162. Jean-François Breton, Head of Research, CNRS, (France)
  163. Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber, Essayist and journalist, (France)
  164. Jean-Michel Ribes, Actor, (France)
  165. Jeannie Sowers, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of New Hampshire, (US)
  166. Jérémie Schiettecatte, Researcher, CNRS, (France)
  167. Jérôme Gleizes, Economist, (France)
  168. Jill Baker, Vice President of the Methodist Conference 2017-18, (UK)
  169. Jim Greenbaum, Founder & Managing Director, The Greenbaum Foundation, (US)
  170. Jody Williams, Professor, Nobel Peace Laureate 1997, (US)
  171. Johan Mooij, Country Director, CARE Yemen, (Yemen)
  172. John Chalcraf, Professor of Middle East History and Politics, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), (UK)
  173. John Mason MSP, MSP for Glasgow Shettleston, (UK)
  174. John Sauven, Executive Director, Greenpeace UK, (UK)
  175. John-Allan Namu, Co-founder and CEO, Africa Uncensored, (Kenya)
  176. Josiane Balasko, Actress, (France)
  177. Judi Poulson, Chair, Fairmont, MN Peace Group, (US)
  178. Julie Andrieu, Culinary journalist, (France)
  179. Julie Delahanty, Executive Director of Oxfam Canada, (Canada)
  180. Julie Weston, Trustee, War Child UK, (UK)
  181. Juliette Binoche, Actress, (France)
  182. Justice Richard J. Goldstone, First Chief Prosecutor of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, (South Africa)
  183. Karin Viard, Actress, (France)
  184. Kate Gould, Legislative Director for Friends Committee on National Legislation, (US)
  185. Khadija Al-Salami, Filmmaker, (Yemen)
  186. Khaled Mansour, Writer, (Egypt)
  187. Khalid Ibrahim, Human rights defender from Iraq, (Iraq)
  188. Lamya Khalidi, Researcher, CNRS – CEPAM, (France)
  189. Laura Silvia Battaglia, Journalist and field researcher,, (Italy)
  190. Laurent Bonnefoy, Researcher, CNRS, (France)
  191. Laurie Lee, CEO, CARE International UK, (UK)
  192. Leah Bolger, Chair, Coordinating Committee, World Beyond War, (US)
  193. Leila Ali Aquil, Archaeologist, (Yemen)
  194. Leila Chebbi, Actress, (Tunisia)
  195. Leymah Gbowee, Militant for peace, Nobel Peace Laureate 2011, (Liberia)
  196. Linda Fabiani MSP, MSP for East Kilbride, (UK)
  197. Lord (Paddy) Ashdown, Former Leader of the Liberal Democrats, (UK)
  198. Louise Allen, Executive Coordinator of the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security, (US)
  199. Lykke Friis, Chairman of the Danish Foreign Policy Society, former Danish Government Minister, (Denmark)
  200. Madelyn Hoffman, Executive Director, New Jersey Peace Action, (US)
  201. Maha Awad, Wogood for Human Security Foundation, (Yemen)
  202. Mairead Maguire, Militant for peace, Nobel Peace Laureate 1976, (Northern Ireland)
  203. Major General Tim Cross (retired) CBE, Former British Army officer and military logistics expert, (UK)
  204. Mandeep Tiwana, Chief Programmes Officer, Civicus, (South Africa)
  205. Manuel Patrouillard, Executive Director, Handicap International, (France)
  206. Marc Levy, Writer, (France)
  207. Marc-Olivier Fogiel, Radio and TV host, (France)
  208. Margaret “Julie” Finch, Co-clerk, Peace & Social Justice Committee, (US)
  209. Margery Cornwell, Co-clerk, Peace & Social Justice Committee, (US)
  210. Marian Rose, Trustee for CARE International UK, (UK)
  211. Marie-Christine Barrault, Actress, (France)
  212. Marie-Christine Heinze, President, CARPO, (Germany)
  213. Marieke Brandt, Senior Researcher, Austrian Academy of Sciences, (Austria)
  214. Marietje Schaake MEP, Member of European Parliament, (Netherlands)
  215. Mark Goldring, Chief Executive, Oxfam GB, (UK)
  216. Mark Malloch-Brown, Former United Nations Deputy Secretary-General and Former UK Government Minister, (UK)
  217. Marwa Daoudy, Assistant Professor in International Relations, Georgetown University, (US)
  218. Marwan Ahmad, Defender Center for Human Rights, (Libya)
  219. Mary Nolan, Professor of History, New York University and Brooklyn For Peace, (US)
  220. Maryam Al-Khawaja, Bahraini human rights advocate, Human Rights Consultant and Trainer, (Bahrain)
  221. Marylène Barret-Audouin, Near East and Yemen architectural heritage specialist, (France)
  222. Matthew Hoh, Senior Fellow, Center for International Policy, (US)
  223. Maulana Yunus Dudhwala, Head of Chaplaincy and Bereavement Services to Barts Health NHS Trust, (UK)
  224. Megan Nakra, Chair, Action Corps, (US)
  225. Mercedes Erra, CEO, Havas Worldwide, (France)
  226. Mhairi Black MP, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South, (UK)
  227. MI Abaga, Rapper, hip hop artist and UN Goodwill Ambassador, (Nigeria)
  228. Michael Eisenscher, National Coordinator Emeritus, U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW), (US)
  229. Michelle Dixon, Director, Global Progressive Hub, (US)
  230. Michelle Nunn, CEO, CARE USA, (US)
  231. Miriam R. Lowi, Professor, The College of New Jersey, (US)
  232. Mohammed Al Shami, President, AIDL, (France)
  233. Mona Kareem, Poet and Academic, (US)
  234. Moneer Al-Ashmali, Tamdeen Youth Foundation, (Yemen)
  235. Na’eem Jeenah, Executive Director, Afro-Middle East Centre (AMEC), (South Africa)
  236. Nabil Alsharafi, Managing Partner, Safer Yemen, (Yemen)
  237. Nabila Jiwaji, Trustee, War Child UK, (UK)
  238. Nadine Nohr, Trustee for CARE International UK, (UK)
  239. Naser Haghamed, CEO, Islamic Relief Worldwide, (UK)
  240. Nasser Al-Khleifi, Human Rights Activist from Shabwa Governorate, (Yemen)
  241. Natalie Samarasinghe, Executive Director, United Nations Association – UK, (UK)
  242. Nathalie Dessay, Artist, (France)
  243. Nick Grono, CEO, The Freedom Fund, (UK)
  244. Nicolas J S Davies, Journalist, Consortium News, USA, (US)
  245. Noha Yehya, Yemen Humanitarian Forum, (Yemen)
  246. Norma Claire Moruzzi, Associate Professor, Director of International Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago, (US)
  247. Nothing But Thieves, Musicians, (UK)
  248. Nozmul Hussain, CEO, East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre, (UK)
  249. Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda, African Union Goodwill Ambassador on Ending Child Marriage, (Zimbabwe)
  250. Olivier De Schutter, Former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food (2008-2014), (Belgium)
  251. Olivier Py, Director, Avignon festival, (France)
  252. Othman Moqbel, CEO, Human Appeal, (UK)
  253. Pär Stenbäck, Former Minister of Education and Foreign Affairs, Finland and Former SecGen of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, (Finland)
  254. Pascal Durand, MEP, (France)
  255. Pascal Menoret, Renée and Lester Crown Professor of Modern Middle East Studies, Brandeis University, (US)
  256. Pastor Evan Mawarire, Lead Citizen – #ThisFlag Citizen’s Movement Zimbabwe, (Zimbabwe)
  257. Pastor Zerihun Degu, General Secretary at the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia, (Ethiopia)
  258. Patrice Leconte, Film director, (France)
  259. Paul A. Yule, Professor, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, (Germany)
  260. Paul Murphy, Executive Director, Saferworld, (UK)
  261. Paul Rogers, Academic, (UK)
  262. Paul Valentin, International Director, Christian Aid, (UK)
  263. Paula Chakravartty, Associate Professor, Department of Media, Culture and Communication and the Gallatin School NYU, (US)
  264. Paula Hawkins, Author of ‘The Girl on the Train’, (UK)
  265. Penny Richards, Trustee, War Child UK, (UK)
  266. Peter Gabriel, Musician and founder of The Elders, (UK)
  267. Peter Oborne, Journalist, (UK)
  268. Peter Stein, Professor of Semitic Studies, University of Jena, (Germany)
  269. Philippe Lévêque, Executive Director, CARE France, (France)
  270. Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies, New Internationalism Project, (US)
  271. Pierre Micheletti, Doctor, Professor, IEP Grenoble, (France)
  272. Piper Perabo, Film and TV actress, (US)
  273. Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, Member of Parliament, Former Minister of Regional Integration & International Cooperation, (Zimbabwe)
  274. Professor Costantinos Berhutesfa Costantinos, Professor of Public Policy, Trustee, Africa Humanitarian Action, (Ethiopia)
  275. Professor Dr. H.A. Hellyer, Senior Non-resident Fellow, Atlantic Council & Royal United Services Institute, London/CASIS, (Malaysia)
  276. Professor Feargal Cochrane, Professor, University of Kent, (UK)
  277. Professor Myles Wickstead CBE, Visiting Professor (International Relations), KCL, (UK)
  278. Professor Raphael Pitti, Head of Training Unit and Director, UOSSM, (France)
  279. Professor Stefan Enders, Professor, Department of Photography, University of Applied Sciences Mainz, (Germany)
  280. Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC, Chancellor, Australian National University and Former Foreign Minister of Australia, (Australia)
  281. Rabbi Michael Feinberg, Executive Director, Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition, (US)
  282. Radhya Al-Mutawakel, Chairperson, Mwatana Organization for Human Rights, (Yemen)
  283. Raphael Personnaz, Actor, (France)
  284. Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies, Columbia University, (US)
  285. Ray Longbottom, Trustee, War Child UK, (UK)
  286. Rev. Dr. Susan Henry-Crowe, General Secretary, General Board of Church and Society, The United Methodist Church, (US)
  287. Richard Burden MP, MP for Birmingham Northfield, (UK)
  288. Richard Caplan, Professor of International Relations, Oxford University, (UK)
  289. Richard Reeve, Director, Oxford Research Group, (UK)
  290. Ricken Patel, Executive Director, Avaaz, (US)
  291. Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Nobel Peace Laureate 1992, (Guatemala)
  292. Rob Williams, CEO, War Child UK, (UK)
  293. Robert Badinter, Lawyer, former Minister of Justice, (France)
  294. Robert Melson, Professor Emeritus, Purdue University, (US)
  295. Robert Pires, 1998-2000 World and European Football Champion, (France)
  296. Robert S. Lawrence, MD, MACP, Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, (US)
  297. Rt Rev. Nick Baines, The Lord Bishop of Leeds, (UK)
  298. Rubens Ricupero, Former Brazilian Minister of Finance and Former Secretary General of UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) , (Brazil)
  299. Ruth Bittinger Bennett, Retired, University of Colorado, (US)
  300. Ruth Maguire MSP, MSP for Cunninghame South, (UK)
  301. Sacha Deshmukh, Chair, War Child UK, (UK)
  302. Sadam Al-Adwar, Marib Dam Foundation for Social Development, (Yemen)
  303. Sama’a Al-Hamdani, Yemeni researcher and founder of Yemeniaty, (Yemen)
  304. Samuel A. Worthington, Chief Executive Officer, InterAction, (US)
  305. Sanjay Jagatia, Director Secretary General, Hindu Council UK, (UK)
  306. Sapana Thomas, Vice-Chair, Action Corps, (US)
  307. Serge Michailof, Research fellow, IRIS, (France)
  308. Shan E Abbas Hassam, Secretary-General, The World Federation of KSIMC, (UK)
  309. Sheila Carapico, Professor, Political Science and International Studies, University of Richmond, (US)
  310. Sherrill Futrell, Historical Researcher at UC Davis, (US)
  311. Shirin Ebadi, 2003 Nobel Peace Laureate, Founder of Defenders of Human Rights Center in Iran, (Iran)
  312. Simon Adams, Executive Director, Global Center for the Responsibility to Protect, (US)
  313. Simon Pegg, Actor, (UK)
  314. Simone Garroni, CEO, Action Against Hunger Italy, (Italy)
  315. Sir Menzies Campbell, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Defence, (UK)
  316. Sir Tony Brenton, KCMG, Former UK Ambassador to Russia, (UK)
  317. Sir Trevor Pears CMG, Executive Chair, Pears Foundation, (UK)
  318. Sophia Aram, Comedian, performer and humorist, France inter, (France)
  319. Stephen Miles, Director, Win Without War, (US)
  320. Stephen Twigg MP, MP for Liverpool West Derby, (UK)
  321. Stuart McDonald MP, MP for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East, (UK)
  322. Tali Nates, Director, Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre, (South Africa)
  323. Tamrat Kebede, Executive Secretary at InterAfrica Group, (South Africa)
  324. Tawakkol Karman, Journalist, Nobel Peace Laureate 2011, (Yemen)
  325. Teresa Gouveia, Former Foreign Minister of Portugal, (Portugal)
  326. Thandie Newton, Actress and Activist, (UK)
  327. Thanos Petouris, Yemen Researcher, SOAS University, (UK)
  328. The Most Rev. John D E Davies, Archbishop of Wales & Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, (UK)
  329. The Most Rev. Moses Deng Bol, Archbishop of Northern Bhar El Ghaal Internal Province and Bishop of the Diocese of Wau Episcopal Church (Anglican) of South Sudan, (South Sudan)
  330. The Rev. Loraine N Mellor, President of the Methodist Conference 2017-18, (UK)
  331. Thierry Marx, Michelin starred chef, (France)
  332. Thomas Legrand, Columnist, France Inter, (France)
  333. Thomas Ribémont, CEO, Action Against Hunger France, (France)
  334. Thomas Sagory, Archaeologist, public officer at the French Ministry of Culture, (France)
  335. Tilman Ruff, Co-President, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (Nobel Peace Prize, 2017), (Australia)
  336. Tim Loughton MP, MP for East Worthing & Shoreham, (UK)
  337. Tom Andrews, Former Member of Congress, (US)
  338. Tony Fortin, President, Observatoire des armements, (France)
  339. Victoria Ross, QCSW, LMSW, MSW, MALD, Executive Director, WNY Peace Center, (US)
  340. Waleed Abdelhafiz Majed, Secretary General of Social Democratic Forum, Yemen, (Yemen)
  341. Werner Daum, Former German ambassador to Sudan (retired), (Germany)
  342. Will Picard, Executive Director, The Yemen Peace Project, (US)
  343. Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director, Oxfam International, (Uganda)
  344. Yannick Jadot, MEP, (France)
  345. Yassin ‘Narcy’ Alsalman, Musician, Multi Media Artist, Professor, (Canada)
  346. Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Founder of Youth Without Borders & Mumtaza and Former QLD Young Australian of the Year, (Australia)
  347. Yifat Susskind, Executive Director of MADRE, (US)
  348. Yousra Al-Shhari, Yommn Foundation for Humanitarian Response, (Yemen)
  349. Yves Egels, Geographer, Engineer, (France)
  350. Yves Jego, Former Minister, Seine et Marne Deputy, (France)
  351. Yvette Alberdingk-Thijm, Human Rights Activist, (US)
  352. Zac Goldsmith MP, MP for Richmond Park (UK)
  353. Zaydoon Zaid, Director and Vice-president, the American Foundation For the Study of Man, (US)
  354. Ziad Majed, Researcher, (Lebanon)
  355. Zo Randriamaro, Coordinator, Research and Support Center for Development Alternatives – Indian Ocean (RSCDA-IO), (Madagascar)

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