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PHR Asks President of El Salvador to Comply with Inter-American Court of Human Rights Decision on Disappearances

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On March 1, 2005, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights issued a decision pertaining to the case of the Serrano Cruz sisters, who were allegedly captured, kidnapped, and forcibly disappeared by the Salvadoran military during its "Operacion Limpieza” (Operation Clean-Up). To date, this case remains unresolved, those responsible have not been identified, nor have the two daughters been located. This is a fate shared by many families in El Salvador, some of which are represented by the Association Pro-Busqueda.

PHR’s International Forensic Program supports Association Pro-Búsqueda in its effort to reunite families with their loved ones who disappeared during the war in El Salvador. Since 1992, PHR has been providing technical and scientific support in the reunification of children with their families.

In a letter sent to the President of El Salvador on December 8, 2006, PHR asks the Salvadoran government to comply with the seven reparation measures issued by the Interamerican Court for Human Rights and encourages dialogue between the government, PHR, Pro-Búsqueda, and others about the Salvadoran government's plans for and progress in implementing the Court’s decision.

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