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PHR Decries Sudan's Release of Indicted Darfur War Crimes Suspect; Sudan Must Stop Flouting Rule of Law

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Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) today denounces yesterday's reported release by the Government of Sudan of Janjaweed leader Ali Muhammad Al Abd-Al-Rahn, known by the alias "Ali Kushayb." The International Criminal Court (ICC) indicted Kushayb in April of this year on 51 counts of murder, rape, acts of torture and other serious crimes he is alleged to have committed in Darfur.

"Releasing Ali Kushayb from custody, an individual accused of crimes against humanity by the ICC, is another shocking example of the Government of Sudan's unrelenting pattern of impunity," stated Frank Donaghue, PHR's Chief Executive Officer. "The United Nations Security Council must act swiftly and decisively to ensure Sudan hands over Kushayb and other indicted war criminals to The Hague."

Kushayb has reportedly been held in the custody of Sudanese authorities since November, but Sudanese President Bashir has refused to deliver him to The Hague to face the charges against him. The Sudanese government cited a lack of evidence against Kushayb as the reason for his release, despite the overwhelming body of evidence presented by the ICC in their indictment against him. Ahmed Haroun, currently Sudan's Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, has also been indicted by the ICC.

"The evidence against Kushayb and Haroun can be found in the destroyed villages, the mass graves and the crowded camps for the millions of displaced across the region," said Donaghue. "At the upcoming peace talks in Libya, the international community must tell Sudan in one voice that there can only be peace if there is justice."

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