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PHR Welcomes Release of 14 Bahraini Medics from Detention and Urges Kingdom of Bahrain to Drop All Charges

For Immediate Release

UPDATE, Sept. 12:

Following the release of the detained doctors, PHR remains seriously concerned about the circumstances and medical conditions of the remaining prisoners who have gone on a hunger strike to protest their arrests. This list of detainees, which is according to our current information, is shownbelow.

PHR welcomes the news of the release of 14 Bahraini medics from detention,but remains concerned regarding their medical conditions and the still pendingcharges. PHR has continually called for their release from detentionand recognizes that this news is a positive step forward for the well-being ofthe medics and their families. PHR now urges the Kingdom of Bahrain to drop allcharges against the medics, who were arrested for providing care to protestersduring the popular uprising earlier this year.

InApril, PHR challenged the legitimacy of these charges based on our research inthe report Do No Harm, which detailedBahrain’s systematic attacks on physicians, medical staff and patients.  The Kingdom of Bahrain has also repeatedlybroken promises to try the medics in civilian courts instead of military hybridcourts. If charges are not dropped and trials go forward, they must adhere tointernationally recognized standards of fairness that protect the rights of theaccused.

Whileimprisoned, the detainees’ health significantly deteriorated and many detaineeswent on hunger strike to protest their detention. The Government of Bahrain mustensure the detainees have full access to medical treatment by independentprofessionals.

PHRhas also received reports of alleged torture in detention, and calls on theGovernment of Bahrain to allow independent forensic professionals to examinethe recently released medics to evaluate whether they have experienced tortureor other ill-treatment during their detention. 

“Whilewe are relieved to see these individuals released from detention, we call onthe Bahraini government to drop the charges against them and to let them seekadequate medical treatment,” said PHR Washington Director and Chief PolicyOfficer Hans Hogrefe. “The Government of Bahrain should immediately cease allacts of torture and other human rights violations and should hold allperpetrators accountable.”


Still detained, on hunger strike:

  1. Ali Mirza Salman
  2. Mohammed Mirza Salman
  3. Mohammed Ali Ahmed Jawad
  4. Hussain Abdunnabi Abbas
  5. Hassan Ahmed Hilal
  6. Hassan Mahdi Yousef
  7. Taha Mansoor Ali Mansoor
  8. Jassem Mohammed Habib
  9. Jaffar Hassan Mulla Ali
  10. Murtadha Ahmed Abdulla
  11. Ebrahim Yousef Mohammed
  12. Munir Ahmed Al-Sheikh (was admitted to Salmaniya Hospital and has undergone and a surgical operation)
  13. Jassem Mohammed Abdulla Mahdi
  14. Mohammad Aqeel Mahdi
  15. Hussain Abbas Ashoor
  16. Murtadha Abbas Ashoor
  17. Ali KhalilJaffar
  18. Sayed Ali Sayed Salman
  19. Yousef Ahmed Khalifa Abbas
  20. Jawad Jassem Mohammed Kadhem
  21. Shawqi Rahdi Ali Abdurrasool
  22. Sayed Ali Sayed Hadi
  23. Syed Ali Salman Al-Majed
  24. Hisham Khalil Mirza Juma
  25. Moosa Jaffar Madan
  26. Hussain Ebrahim Madan
  27. Jassem Mohammed Jassem
  28. Mahdi Jalil Yousef
  29. Khalil Ebrahim Salman
  30. Hussain Ahmed Hassan
  31. Ahmed Sayed Mustafa
  32. Ali Mohammed Hussain
  33. Hussain Mohammed Hussain
  34. Mohammed Jaffar Abdulla
  35. Qaisar Haider Abduzahra (Iraqi National)
  36. Tho Faqqar Abdulamir Naji (Iraqi National)
  37. Ahmed Mohammed Ali
  38. Ali Mohammed Ali
  39. Hussain Mohammed Ali
  40. Ahmed Abduridha Ali
  41. Hassan Mohammed Hassan Juma
  42. Hussain Ahmed Hussain
  43. Sami Ahmed Meftah
  44. Fadhel Abbas Mohammed Ali
  45. Mohammed Makki Traif
  46. Mohammd Abdulla Mansoor
  47. Abdulhadi Ebrahim Khalil
  48. Murtadha Salah Darwish
  49. Ali Abdulemam Saeed
  50. Maitham Jassem Mohammed Kadhem
  51. Adel Abdushaheed Abdurrasool
  52. Mohammed Ali Mansoor
  53. Hussain Abduljalil Al-Singase
  54. Hussan Mansoor Al-Hujjairi
  55. Mohammed Mushaima
  56. Baqer Jaffar Al-Shaabani
  57. Abbas Ismail Abdulla
  58. Abdulla Hsaan Ali
  59. Sayed Alawi Sayed Mohsen (Abu Ghayeb)
  60. Hussain Abdulamir Al-Saffar
  61. Hassan Abdulhadi Al-Mukharaq
  62. Salman Abdulhadi Al-Mukharaq
  63. Tawfeeq Al-Qassab
  64. Jawad Kadhem
  65. Sayed Hdei Sayed Nasser
  66. Ali Mohammed Hassan bin Rajab
  67. Hassan Mohammed Hassan bin Rajab
  68. Nader Al-Orrayedh
  69. Khalil Ebrahim Al-Halwachi
  70. Kadhem Ebrahim Al-Halwachi
  71. Yousef Al-Halwachi
  72. Jaffar Al-Halwachi
  73. Hassan Mohammed Mohsen Al-Osfoor
  74. Hadi Sayed Ahmed Hassan
  75. Mustafa Salman Laith
  76. Ali Jassem Al-Mogahi
  77. Fathim Mansoor Omran
  78. Redha Al-Dallal
  79. Ali Jassem Al-Ghanmi
  80. Fadhel Kadhem Ebrahim

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