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Physicians for Human Rights on the Resignation of Army Surgeon General Kevin Kiley

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"The scandal over the treatment of veterans at Walter Reed is symptomatic of a larger problem: the erosion of the core principals of military medical ethics by the Bush Administration," stated Leonard S. Rubenstein, Executive Director of Physicians for Human Rights. "The resignations of General Kiley and Assistant Secretary Winkenwerder should be followed by a ban on health professional involvement in national security interrogations, a practice prohibited by major medical associations, but ardently defended by these former officials."

"The use of doctors to break hunger strikes at GTMO, the refusal to allow independent review of medical practices for treating detainees, the failure to provide adequate care to all patients, and the use of health professionals in the intelligence chain of command are affronts to the professional legacy of the US military medical corps," stated Brigadier General Stephen N. Xenakis, MD (USA-ret.), an advisor to PHR. "Though these resignations are a good first step, Congress and the Pentagon must work together to quickly restore the professional integrity of the military medical corps through stronger oversight of military medicine, including public hearings."

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