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A Map of Attacks on Health Care in Syria

Map of Attacks on Medical Personnel and Facilities in Syria When hospitals or health clinics are destroyed, the loss is far greater than the bricks and mortar of the buildings. Safe and protected spaces to seek routine and urgent medical attention are also lost. When medical workers are killed, the human toll is not just […]

March 5, 2024
Attacks on Health Care, Persecution of Health Workers

Death, Destruction, and Denial in Syria

After 10 years of war and untold suffering in Syria, the landscape for human rights, justice, and accountability looks bleak. Explore an interactive timeline of the conflict.

March 5, 2024
Attacks on Health Care, Mass Atrocities, Persecution of Health Workers, Torture

“Dual Loyalty” and U.S. Abortion Bans

Abortion is health care, and abortion rights are human rights that must be guaranteed without discrimination. In the United States, the Supreme Court’s rollback of the right to abortion in 2022 has led to widespread violations of human rights. These restrictive new laws put clinicians in an impossible situation, also known as “dual loyalty”, forcing […]

June 20, 2023
Dual Loyalty, Reproductive Justice

Through Our Lens: Visualizing Perceptions of Mental Health Services for Survivors of Sexual Violence in Kenya

Using a participatory methodology called Photovoice, a group of survivors of sexual violence in Nairobi set out to document their journey to seek out and access mental health care.

June 5, 2023
Sexual Violence

Map of Attacks on Health in Ukraine

The Russian Federation’s aggression-leading to both targeted and indiscriminate attacks on Ukraine’s health care facilities, amongst other civilian infrastructure-constitutes a gross violation of international law. This map documents these assaults which have a devastating impact on Ukraine’s health care system.  This map is a joint undertaking among eyeWitness to Atrocities (eyeWitness), Insecurity Insight, Media Initiative for Human Rights (MIHR), Physicians for […]

February 21, 2023
Attacks on Health Care
Multimedia, Webinar

Clinicians as Human Rights Defenders: A PHR Human Rights Day Conversation

To mark Human Rights Day, PHR hosted a conversation about how health professionals can use their skills and platforms to document and call attention to human rights violations.

December 7, 2022
Asylum, Attacks on Health Care, COVID-19, Persecution of Health Workers

Medical Personnel Are Targeted in Syria

Medical professionals are often on the front lines in conflict situations, providing life-saving health care to civilian communities suffering from violence, abuse, and deprivation. Nowhere has this been truer than in Syria.

June 1, 2022
Attacks on Health Care

The Disappeared Doctors of Syria

The Syrian government has targeted health care workers with detention, abuse, and torture. Here are some of their stories.

January 27, 2022
Attacks on Health Care, Mass Atrocities, Persecution of Health Workers, Torture

[Video] The Makings of a Health Crisis in Northern Syria

Destruction of the health sector is a signature of the conflict which continues to unfold in Syria. It has occurred in the context of one of the most severe humanitarian crises in the world. Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) and others have documented deliberate attacks on health care facilities and personnel during the past 10 […]

December 15, 2021

From Behind Closed Doors: Voices of Hunger Strikers in U.S. Immigration Detention

Each day, the United States government unnecessarily locks up thousands of people, including children, in civil immigration detention in more than two hundred immigration detention centers around the country. People may be detained for many months – even years – as they await final adjudication of their cases or deportation. Trapped in a system marked […]

June 23, 2021

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