Video: The U.S. Made an Elective Decision to Traumatize Children

One year of medical neglect. Of fear and intimidation. Of psychological trauma. In that one year, at least five migrant children have died and thousands more have been ripped from the arms of their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Our video, produced in partnership with MoveOn, explains why no child belongs in detention. The United States knows how to do this right, and yet the administration made an elective decision to traumatize children. 

“Don’t forget the power of your voice. It does have impact.”

Dr. Scott Allen

PHR has been at the U.S.-Mexico border, interviewing children, families and other asylum seekers to document the medical and psychological trauma caused by U.S. policy and Department of Homeland Security mismanagement. And what we’ve found makes it clear: It’s beyond time to end all policies that lead to the detention and separation of children.