PHR Urges UN Human Rights Council to Preserve the Mandates of Darfur Expert Group and Special Rapporteur for Sudan

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PHR and other NGO's called on the UN Human Rights Council to preserve the recently expired mandates of both the Darfur Expert Group and the Special Rapporteur for Sudan. The Expert Group should be preserved until such time as its recommendations concerning Darfur are substantially implemented by the government of Sudan. This Expert Group should be led by a qualified individual who has the time and resources to monitor these recommendations in a detailed manner, and give constructive suggestions and aid to the government of Sudan on how to carry out their implementation.

The work of the Special Rapporteur should resume its focus on the whole of Sudan. Given the precariousness of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), signed in 2005, renewed efforts to monitor and report on abuses and implementation of human rights reforms under the CPA should be urgently undertaken by the Special Rapporteur on Sudan. The Special Rapporteur is in a unique position to monitor patterns of human rights abuses, legislative reform and other issues throughout the different regions of Sudan.

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