Richard Sollom Testifies Before Lantos Human Rights Commission on Bahrain's Use of Tear Gas

Richard Sollom testifying

PHR Deputy Director Richard Sollom urges Congress to maintain a ban on tear gas exports to Bahrain, during a hearing before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, Aug. 1, 2012

PHR Deputy Director Richard Sollom testified before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission in the US Congress today during a hearing entitled Implementation of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry Report.

Mr. Sollom discussed crucial elements of his recent investigations in Bahrain, including his findings on attacks on medical professionals, militarization of health care, and excessive use of force. Mr. Sollom shared information with Members of the Commission regarding the Government of Bahrain’s rampant weaponization of tear gas, detailed in PHR’s report Weaponizing Tear Gas: Bahrain’s Unprecedented Use of Toxic Chemical Agents Against Civilians.

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