Rubenstein, Allen, and Keller Statements to Helsinki Commission on Medical Evidence of Torture

PHR [past] President Leonard Rubenstein, JD, Scott Allen, MD, and Allen Keller, MD, gave statements in a briefing before the U.S. Helsinki Commission, on medical evidence of torture by US personnel against detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantánamo Bay.

Leonard Rubenstein and Allen Keller's statements discussed the evidence shown in PHR's report, Broken Laws, Broken Lives. Scott Allen discussed the challenge of hunger strikes in US detention facilities. All three stressed that clear evidence exists of complicity by medical professionals in the maltreatment of the detainees. In their testimony, the three men called for US repudiation of torture techniques, investigation of events in the various detention centers, and apologies and reparations to those harmed during their detention.

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