Holly G. Atkinson, MD, FACP

Dr. Holly Atkinson is Affiliate Medical Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, at the CUNY School of Medicine in New York City. Prior to joining the CUNY faculty in 2016, Dr. Atkinson was at Mount Sinai Health System for 10 years, where she was Director of the Human Rights Program, which supports asylum seekers who have suffered torture, trafficking, and other egregious human rights violations by conducting medical and psychological forensic evaluations and triaging them for further care.

Dr. Atkinson has a broad background in human rights and her research is focused particularly on how human rights violations impact the health outcomes of women and girls. She served on the board of directors of PHR for more than 16 years, including four years as chair of the board. She now serves as an expert medical advisor to the organization and is a member of its asylum network. Dr. Atkinson is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

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