Action for Senate Appropriations Committee Constituents

Thanks for taking this important action!In addition to making calls to Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi, we need you to make a special call your Senator if she or he is on the important Senate Appropriations Committee, which has a? say in all funding issues before Congress. Ask your Senate Appropriations Committee member to support fulfillment of the US commitments to fight AIDS.Here is the list of Senators:

Democrats: Republicans:
Daniel Inouye?(Hawaii),?ChairmanRobert Byrd?(W. Va)Patrick Leahy?(Vt.)Tom Harkin?(Iowa)Barbara Mikulski?(Md.)Herb Kohl?(Wis.)Patty Murray?(Wash.)Byron Dorgan?(N.D.)Dianne Feinstein?(Calif.)Richard Durbin?(Ill.)Tim Johnson?(S.D.)Mary Landrieu?(La.)Jack Reed?(R.I.)Frank Lautenberg?(N.J.)Ben Nelson?(Neb.)Mark Pryor?(Ark.)Jon Tester?(Mon.) Thad Cochran?(Miss.),Ranking MemberArlen Specter?(Pa.)Kit Bond?(Mo.)Mitch McConnell?(Ky.)Richard Shelby?(Ala.)Judd Gregg?(N.H.)Robert Bennett?(Utah)Kay Bailey Hutchison(Texas)Sam Brownback?(Kan.)Susan Collins?(Maine)Lamar Alexander?(Tenn.)George Voinovich?(Ohio)Lisa Murkowski?(Alaska)

If you are represented by one of the Senators above, please call their office and urge them to use their position on the Appropriations Committee to support increased funding for the fight against AIDS.Here is is instructions and a sample script you can you can use:Call 202-224-3121Ask to be connected to your Senator listed, above.Sample Script:

  • I am a member of Physicians for Human Rights and one of your constituents from [*state where you all calling from*]
  • As a [*health professional/medical student/concerned citizen*] HIV/AIDS and other global health issues are very important to me. The US has the resources to fulfill its commitments to fight AIDS through PEPFAR, the Global Fund and Domestic HIV/AIDS programs. I am calling to ask Senator [*_______*] to use all of his/her resources as a member of the Appropriations Committee to:
    • Fund PEPFAR at the full amount of $48 billion over 5 years authorized by Congress
    • Fund the Global Fund at $2.7 billion dollars
    • Fully fund domestic HIV/AIDS programs and eliminate the federal ban on needle exchange to provide lifesaving treatment and prevention programs here at home

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