Association of Nurses in AIDS Care Releases Powerful Statement on Travel Ban

Last week, The Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC) released a public comment (PDF) on the repeal of the HIV travel ban.

ANAC has long … viewed the restrictions [of the travel ban] as violations of human rights. The travel ban has had no scientific, medical or public health benefit. It is important to note the US is one of only twelve countries that restrict entry of HIV-infected non-citizens. The other countries include Iraq, Libya, Russia and Sudan.

When an association of over 2,300 HIV/AIDS nurses says that the travel ban has no scientific, medical or public health benefit, it is time for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to take notice.

ANAC supports [repeal of the travel ban] and believes that it will move the US a step closer to restoring human rights and dignity for HIV-infected individuals seeking to travel or emigrate to the U.S.

HHS is collecting input on the repeal before acting to lift it. You can join with ANAC in letting HHS know you want to see the travel ban lifted. Your comment will pressure HHS to reverse the ban quickly and completely.? Take action today to ensure that the US government upholds human rights.

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