Be a Human Rights Monitor for Zimbabwe

Richard Sollom (PHR Senior Researcher) and Sarah Kalloch (PHR Outreach and Constituency Organizing Director)

Zimbabwe—once Southern Africa’s bread basket—is starving for food, for water, for justice, for peace.

Join Physicians for Human Rights and Amnesty International USA as we launch a petition and photo drive for Zimbabwe in honor of the country’s Independence Day—which is today, April 18.

Sign the Petition

Please sign the petition urging the United Nations and the African Union to send human rights monitors to Zimbabwe.

Submit a Photo

Join PHR and AI’s global photo petition.

  • On the photo petition page, download the sign that reads "I am a human rights monitor for Zimbabwe."
  • Photograph yourself holding the sign.
  • Submit the photo with the upload tool on the photo petition page.
  • We will put together the photos into a video montage to show our friends and colleagues in Zimbabwe that the world stands with them in their fight for human rights.

There can be no peace and rebuilding without human rights protection. Zimbabwe’s security forces are infamous for brutally silencing political opponents and violating human rights: this kind of impunity cannot continue. Human rights monitors are needed to bolster the stability of the unity government as Zimbabwe tries to rebuild its health system, its infrastructure, its politics, and the very fabric of society, which has been ripped apart by years of violence.

Help us reach 10,000 signatures in honor of this day, April 18, Zimbabwe Independence Day—a perfect day to celebrate new beginnings for a country too long torn by greed, corruption and human rights violations.

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