Celebrate Mother's Day, Support CEDAW!

We know that women and girls around the world face violence and discrimination daily. We also know that CEDAW, the Women’s Treaty, helps women and girls to go to school, own and inherit property, take part in public life and fight violence. We need?Senate action on the CEDAW Treaty (the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women) to give the US greater clout to help women worldwide win these basic rights.This Mother’s Day, Physicians for Human Rights is working with dozens of national partners to ensure that we ratify CEDAW now. CALL or EMAIL your Senators TODAY to ask them to celebrate Mother’s Day by showing?their support for the CEDAW Treaty.While we celebrate our own mothers and grandmothers today, let’s stand together for women and girls around the world.?Ask your Senators to support CEDAW today.For more information on CEDAW, check out past PHR blog posts, and the Women's Treaty working group.

CALL your Senators!

Dial: (202) 224-3121, and ask for your Senators' offices.Don't know who your Senators are? Find out!Use our sample script:

Senator XXX,I am calling on Mother's Day to urge you to celebrate mothers in America and around the world by supporting CEDAW's ratification in Senate.Your support is critical to the success of CEDAW ratification in the United States. CEDAW is the most comprehensive international treaty on women's rights, setting universal standards on the equal political, economic, civil, social, and cultural rights of women. CEDAW ratification in the United States would strengthen domestic law that ensures and protects women's equal rights as well as illustrate the United States' commitment to serve as a credible global leader in honouring the equal rights of women!As your constituent, I call upon you to celebrate mothers and celebrate CEDAW by supporting its passage in Senate.Sincerely,[Insert Name Here]

Send a CEDAW Mother's Day Call to Action EMAIL to your Senators!

Click on the Web Form link for your Senators and copy/paste this email template!

Dear Senator:Here is a suggested checklist to help you celebrate Mother’s Day this year:

  • Buy flowers
  • Buy Chocolates
  • Ratify the CEDAW Treaty

Actually, you can skip the chocolates. This Mother’s Day, the best present would be for the US Senate to ratify CEDAW, the landmark international agreement that affirms fundamental human rights and equality for women and girls. Officially called the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, it provides a practical blueprint to open opportunities for women and girls in all areas of society.Around the world, CEDAW can be used to ensure primary education for girls; improve maternal health care; pass laws against domestic violence; and allow women to own and inherit property. But lack of United States ratification weakens the voice of the United States on human rights issues.Promoting and protecting human rights is fundamental to America’s core values. Under the leadership of Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton, the U.S. ratified similar treaties on genocide, torture, race, and civil and political rights. This Mother’s Day, show your support for women by showing your support for CEDAW.Mothers in the U.S. and around the world will thank you!Sincerely,[Insert Name Here]

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