Combating COVID-19: Medical Ethics and the COVID-19 Pandemic

PHR board member Donna Shelley, MD, MPH moderates a discussion on the medical ethics of COVID-19 featuring Dr. Diane Meier, Registered Nurse Eileen Weber, and Dr. Matthew Wynia. The panel addresses the ethics of resource allocation in public health emergencies, the responsibility of providing care in the face of scarcity, and the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic is changing how we deliver health services.

Distinguished panelists

  • Diane Meier, MD, FACP, FAAHPM, Director of the Center to Advance Palliative Care, Professor of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine, and the Catherine Gaisman Professor of Medical Ethics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • Eileen Weber, DNP, JD, BSN, PHN, RN, Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, where she teaches ethics, leadership, and public policy in the context of a continuum of interprofessional healthcare. She is a nurse attorney and member of the American Nurses Association Ethics Advisory Board
  • Matthew Wynia, MD, MPH, Director of the Center for Bioethics and Humanities at the University of Colorado, and a member of PHR’s Advisory Council

This conversation was moderated by Donna Shelley, MD, MPH, Professor of Public Health Policy and Management at the NYU School of Global Public Health and Professor of Population Health at the NYU School of Medicine

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