Farewell to the HIV Travel Ban

It is with great pleasure that we mark January 4, 2010 as the official end to the HIV travel ban in the US.We have been hearing concerns that not all consulates will be well informed regarding the changes to a rule that has been in place for over two decades. The US Department of State has issued a Q & A document, which HIV positive people abroad are encouraged to print out and bring to an interview at the consulate after January 4, 2010.The Centers for Disease Control has issued a letter to doctors who perform green card medical exams. It may be helpful to print out an bring the CDC letter to any medical exam scheduled after January 4, 2010. Immigration Equality explains:

[T]he Centers for Disease Control sent a letter to the doctors who perform “green card” medical exams, instructing them NOT to test for HIV anymore after January 4, 2010, and telling them to write, “no longer required,” in the HIV test box. Again, if you have a medical exam scheduled after January 4, 2010, you may want to print out this letter and bring it along to ensure that you are not wrongly tested and that the doctor completes the form correctly.

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