Global Day of Action for Drs. Alaei Next Week

Yesterday the lawyer for Drs. Kamiar and Arash Alaei filed a final appeal of their sentencing under article 18 of Iran’s Constitution. This is their last big chance to have their day in court, be acquitted of the charges and resume their lifesaving HIV/AIDS work in Iran and elsewhere.Next week, May 12 will be an?international day of solidarity for the Drs Alaei. People all over the world will stand up and say with one voice that?“Treating AIDS is Not a Crime.”Vigils are taking place in more than 16 countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, Türkiye, Argentina, Mexico and the United States. You can participate in this international day of solidarity with the Alaeis no matter where you are.

  • Send a letter to the Iranian Embassy in your Country, release a statement from your organization or mail a letter to an Iranian policy-maker on May 12. Here is a sample?letter and statement you can use, including addresses for some Iranian policy-makers.
  • If you are in Washington DC or New York City, join one of our vigils. See these blog posts for all of the details for the vigils in?NYC or?DC.
  • Join our?Virtual Vigil for the Alaeis on May 12 from 11am-1pm EST (GMT -4:00). We will be streaming live video from the vigil locations in NYC and DC. You’ll also be able to chat with PHR organizers and other participants from around the world.
  • Organize a vigil at the Iranian Embassy in your Country or some other location in your community. You can send us video and photos and even stream your vigil live to the world through our website.
  • Sign our new petition asking the Head of the Iranian Judiciary to drop the charges and?ask friends and colleagues to sign the petition.

Let us know you are participating in the Day of Action for the Alaeis by?filling out this simple webform.(Cross-posted on

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