Good News on Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Some good news out of Uganda: A few weeks after the US Senate passed a resolution condemning Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill, a special committee in Uganda has recommended the anti-homosexuality bill? be withdrawn from Parliament.Minister of Local Government Adolf Mwesige, chair of the special committee, called almost all of the clauses in the legislation either unconstitutional or redundant — a great win for health, human rights and the rule of law in Uganda.The bill is still up for consideration, but this is a major blow, and as the New York Times reports, is a strong signal the bill will be dropped.

Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni, has publicly shown concern about the legislation and formed the review committee in February in response to international scrutiny. Though the panel’s ruling is not the final word, analysts saw it as a strong sign that the bill would eventually be dropped.

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