Got 2 Minutes? Watch "More Pie"

The debate that pits AIDS funding against other global health funding (for maternal mortality, malaria, etc.) rages on. Just last week, a Boston Globe op-ed began by saying AIDS has received tens of billions, but chronic, non-communicable diseases like cancer are becoming more deadly, without a similar monetary commitment from the US—as if there should be some kind of trade off, with one getting less and another getting more.We at PHR wanted to find a more lighthearted way of looking at this divisive and unhelpful debate—with the hope that a simple message can cut down on the rancor and recrimination that has characterized this discussion in the global health community.It is not that AIDS is getting too much money, at the expense of other critical global health programming. The global health funding "pie" is just too small—we need to make it bigger for all.Our interns worked on a 2 minute video that illustrates this perfectly. Check out "More Pie Please," above, and use this link to share the video with friends, colleagues, family, neighbors, anyone you know: can't fight each other for health funding; global health needs a bigger piece of the US funding pie. Period.

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