Honduran Doctor Remains on Government Hit List

The Honduran army has been ordered to arrest Luther Castillo, MD, a Honduran physician and advocate for the health of the rural poor of Honduras. If Dr. Castillo resists arrest, the army has orders to shoot him.Although Honduran authorities first ordered his arrest in early July, Dr. Castillo remains free and continues to treat patients around the Honduran capital, according to Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC). MEDICC recently spoke with Dr. Castillo and reported that he is forced to move around constantly and sleep in a different location each night to guard against arrest.Despite his own hardship, Dr. Castillo's primary concern is for the rural poor of Honduras, whose health is at risk because of declining government support for hospitals and the threat of physician arrest.

These are the poorest of the poor, the invisible poor. They are the real victims of the coup,

Dr. Castillo told MEDICC.Call the State Department today to urge Secretary Clinton to ensure Dr. Castillo's safety. Help guarantee the well-being of Dr. Castillo, his colleagues and countless Honduran patients.

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