Hopeful Signs on Lifting the HIV Entry Ban

It looks like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is about to take a big step towards lifting the nation's draconian restrictions denying people living with HIV entry into the United States. The CDC planned to publish a proposed new rule in yesterday's Federal Register that would remove HIV from the definition of "communicable disease of public health significance."The Department of Health and Human Services, CDC's parent agency, withdrew the proposed rule yesterday morning because they "inadvertently submitted an incomplete version of the proposed regulation."? We're hopeful that they will publish the complete version this week.If the draft rule is published and finalized after a public comment and review period, the US will finally have HIV entry policies rooted in sound public health and human rights practices.The 45 days after publication will be crucial as we organize to generate public comments in support of the rule change. PHR will mobilize our members to show strong support among health professionals and students for lifting US entry restrictions on people living with HIV/AIDS.Many of you joined with us in earlier phases of this campaign and we'll need your your help again. We'll be sending out an action alert with details about how to comment and key messages to include as soon as the draft rules are published. Stay tuned!

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