PHR Urges the US to Play a Strong Role at the UN Human Rights Council

PHR recently joined other organizations in sending a letter to key Administration officials outlining the priorities the US should take regarding the United Nations Human Rights Council. The Council has taken important steps regarding recent violence in Libya, including suspending Libya’s membership in the Council and establishing a Commission of Inquiry to investigate human rights violations in the country. Given this recent showing of strength by the Council in response to a serious human rights crisis, PHR and partner organizations called on the US to harness this momentum and advance the Council’s power to combat human rights violations internationally. The letter called on the Administration to establish a UN special rapporteur on the situation in Iran so that the international community will be better able to focus its efforts on preventing and combating human rights violations in Iran. PHR also called on Administration officials to push for an international Commission of Inquiry to investigate international crimes in Burma. PHR’s recent report, Life Under the Junta: Evidence of Crimes Against Humanity in Burma’s Chin State, provides quantitative data that demands such a response. The letter also highlighted the importance of US engagement and leadership on the Council, cautioned about the need to have competitive elections for Council membership, and urged the US to declare its candidacy for a seat on the Council in upcoming elections.Read the letter:[download id=”30″]

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