Pro-Qaddafi Forces and Rebels Committed War Crimes

The United Nations concluded on March2, 2012 that both pro-Qaddafi forces and rebels committedwar crimes during the Libyan conflict last year.

In a report of the International Commission of Inquiry on Libya,the UN determined that pro-Qaddafi forces committed crimes against humanity,defined as the most serious attacks on human dignity and human rights.

According to the commission,“Acts of murder, enforced disappearance, and torture were perpetrated within thecontext of a widespread or systematic attack against a civilian population.” Rebelforces were found to have breached human rights and international law, but notto have committed crimes against humanity.

PHR documented war crimes in Libya during last year's conflict in two detailedreports on war crimes in Misrata and Tripoli, and continues tocallfor justice and accountability in Libya for all perpetrators of mass atrocities.

PHR is encouraged by the UnitedNations’ recent findings, and hopes that the conclusions of this independentcommission will spur serious discussions both nationally and internationallyabout how to best ensure accountability and justice for all Libyans.

Confirmation that pro-Qaddafi forcescommitted crimes against humanity is an important step in securing justice forLibya’s citizens. Current Libyan authorities and the international communitymust act upon these findings to ensure perpetrators are held accountable.

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