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We Stand With Refugees

Members of the Physicians for Human Rights board of directors, Dr. Marion Bergman, Dr. Kathleen Foley, Dr. Adam Richards, Dr. Michele Heisler, Dr. Robert Lawrence, Dr. Deborah Ascheim, and Dr. David Dantzker.

Join us in standing with refugees by showing your support on social media. Download a sign here and use our hashtag #Care4Refugees.

President Trump’s executive orders banning refugees are a violation of the law and an affront to the values of humanity and human rights. As health professionals in PHR’s Asylum Network can attest, it’s particularly troubling that these executive orders target those who are already suffering, imperiling thousands of lives and arbitrarily punishing those who have already survived the horrors of war and deprivation.

We’re also outraged that the Trump Administration chose to single out Syrian refugees specifically. Since 2011, we’ve been tracking just how devastating the relentless attacks on civilians, hospitals, doctors, and health care infrastructure have been for the people of Syria. To deny them refuge is to increase their suffering and to put their lives in even greater jeopardy.

As health professionals, and human rights activists, join us in standing side by side with refugees and their families. Snap a photo with one of our downloadable signs, and then share it on social media using our hashtag #Care4Refugees. Tell us why you support immigrant and refugee families, and we’ll share some of your responses.

Here’s how it works:


Download and print any one of these pre-made signs that explains why YOU support refugees.

•    I stand with refugees because my job is to relieve suffering
•    I stand with refugees because I’ve seen the scars of their trauma
•    I stand with refugees because freedom from persecution is a human right
•    I stand with refugees because everyone has the right to a safe haven
•    I stand with refugees because I come from an immigrant family
•    I stand with refugees because my ancestors were refugees
•    I stand with refugees because I won’t turn my back on suffering

Or make your own sign!


Snap a photo of yourself, your colleagues, your friends, or your family members holding the sign. You can take the picture at home, outside, at your office or clinic, or anywhere else you want to show your support.


Share your photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #Care4Refugees and tell us why you support refugees.

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