The Principle of Medical Neutrality

War and civil unrest turn soldiers—and, often, civilians—into deliberate targets. Medical professionals have an ethical duty to provide care and treatment to those in need, without discrimination, even in times of conflict. But during conflict and civil unrest, health care professionals, facilities, and patients too often come under attack. These attacks are not a natural part of conflict, but are deliberate violations of the principle of Medical Neutrality.

This video provides a brief introduction to the principle of Medical Neutrality, its foundation in medical ethics and international law, violations of Medical Neutrality, and steps that can be taken to protect and promote the principle.

Written by:Andrea Gittleman
Produced and Narrated by: Jared Voss
Featuring: Parveen Parmar, MD, MPH, Susannah Sirkin, Richard Sollom, and Hans Hogrefe

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