The Suffering of the Bahraini Medics Must End Immediately

This weekend, another Bahraini doctor was arrestedin Manama, the capital of Bahrain. This detention continues the injustice thathas plagued Bahrain’s medical professionals since the unrest started inFebruary. Twelve medics still remain in government custody and face an unknownfate. The Bahraini authorities should unconditionally release all detained medics,dismiss all charges and investigate the allegations of torture.

The doctorsin custody have allegedly been beaten, blindfolded, forced to confess to crimesthey did not commit, and endured humiliation and insults regarding their sectsand beliefs. One of the female doctors released said“I spent four weeks in jail because I was doing my job. In detention, they callus by our first name, not Doctor. Furthermore, the male interrogator keptcalling me a whore and a daughter of a whore.”

Bahraini medics should not be pawns in a politicalgame. Unfortunately, doctors in Bahrain have found themselves on the front lineof political conflict and have become targets of the Bahraini forces. Areleased female doctor said “I am still in shock; I never expected that I wouldbe arrested and tortured. Now, I know how the victims of the sexual harassmentfeel because now I am one of them. I lost my job and reputation and I have nosupport and no treatment.”

Bahraini medics need our help to resume their work andfulfill their ethical duties to treat people in need. The Bahraini governmentshould respect their commitment to international law and release all medicalprofessionals immediately.

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