Update: Current Status of the Doctors Alaei

Kamiar and Arash have no more legal appeals left. Based on current understanding of political prisoners in Iran, inmates are eligible for release on special pardon occasions (such as religious or state holidays), provided they serve one-third of their respective sentences. On the eve of such major holidays, Iranian authorities make promises about imminent releases, thus encouraging family members to keep silent in exchange for freedom. Sadly, in the Alaeis’ case, these promises have not been kept. Kamiar has served about two-thirds of his original three-year sentence without a pardon, and is expected to remain imprisoned through 2011, while Arash has served two years of his six-year sentence, and will be imprisoned through 2014. Kamiar and Arash have received occasional furloughs, the most recent being a two-week furlough during Ramadan when they stayed with their mother. In prison, after an initial period of solitary confinement, the brothers have been placed together in the same cell. However, their prison jobs (working in the bakery and kitchen) have been revoked, and they are no longer allowed to volunteer in the prison health center as they had done earlier. Neither Arash nor Kamiar is seriously ill; however, they are reportedly having a very difficult time with their current situation. Reliable sources believe that the decision to free the brothers lies now in the hands of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei. PHR continues to strongly advocate for their pardon and release.

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