Urge the US and UK to Take Action for Human Rights in Burma

In the past few weeks, 30,000 refugees have fled across Burma's northern border into China's Yunnan province.Take action today to urge the US and UK to address this health and human rights crisis.As rotating President of the UN Security Council in August and September, respectively, the US and the UK have? an unparalleled opportunity to take action on human rights in Burma.The US Campaign for Burma has an e-lert urging US UN Rep. Susan Rice and UK UN Rep. John Sawers to establish a UN Security Council Commission of Inquiry into Burma: visit the link today and sign on.Check out PHR's 2004 report on AIDS on the Thai Burma border, No Status: Migration, Trafficking, and Exploitation of Women in Thailand. The health and human rights conditions in Burma and at all her borders continues to deteriorate: take action today.

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