Volunteer to Help Haiti: Health Workers, Logisticians Needed

Want to help the people of Haiti? Below are several volunteer and job opportunities for both? health workers and for those with logistical/humanitarian aid experience. If you know of more opportunities, please post them in the comment section below.Partners In Health is looking for both medical supply donations and health professional volunteers.?They are currently prioritizing the deployment of full surgical teams. Ideally, team composition would include 2 orthopedic surgeons: 2 anesthesiologists or nurse anesthetists: 5 nurses (2-3 OR; 2-3 post-op/critical care).? That said, they are also looking for people with significant trauma experience to join teams–especially nurses with perioperative and medsurg experience. Apply here today.Oxfam America is looking for a Deployable Humanitarian Logistics Coordinator: check out the job description here.UPDATE: The information, below, is no longer accurate. Please visit the USAID website for information on volunteering and other ways to offer assistance. You may also visit this web page on the Department of Health and Human Services website for more information.Finally, the US Department of Health and Human Services is working to identify doctors who would be able to go to Haiti on government-sponsored disaster medical/surgical response teams.Criteria:

  1. Preferably Haitian Creole or French speaking (translation challenges are significant right now)
  2. Specialties needed: orthopaedic surgery, trauma surgery, and anesthesiology (should be completed with their training)
  3. Must be willing to be in Haiti for up to 2 weeks
  4. Must be prepared to live in austere conditions (sleeping on cots, floors, meals-ready-to-eat, etc)
  5. Must be prepared to travel very soon (within 1-2 weeks)

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