British Medical Association Condemns Government Targeting of Doctors in Sudan

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) reports that the British Medical Association (BMA) has criticized the Government of Sudan for its ill treatment of striking doctors.

A BMA spokesman said that it will be writing to the Sudanese authorities "to express serious concerns about potential violations of the fundamental rights of doctors in the Sudan."He said, "Sudanese doctors have been peacefully demonstrating in support of their basic employment rights, and the BMA is extremely worried about reports of maltreatment and summary arrest." He added that the BMA will be calling for the immediate release of the incarcerated doctors and seeking confirmation that any injured doctors will be given any medical attention they may need.

The BMJ also spoke with PHR's CEO, Frank Donaghue, who said:

The harassment and arrest of Sudanese doctors and medical students in Khartoum violates the fundamental rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression and is yet another example of the disregard for the health and wellbeing of the people of Sudan by the authoritarian government of Omar el Bashir.

In an earlier blog post, here on?Health Rights Advocate, Sarah Kalloch gave some of the background to this story:

n early June, six leading Sudanese doctors were arrested by the Sudanese Government’s National Security and Intelligence Services (NISS) and detained without charge for their membership in the Doctors’ Strike Committee, which has called for improvements in salaries and working conditions.The violence against the Doctors’ Strike Committee members is escalating. Yesterday, another committee member, Dr. Hisham Abdulgani, was reportedly arrested while leaving Khartoum hospital after meeting with several consultants and government officials who had invited him to discuss a peaceful resolution to the dispute. Just today, NISS agents reportedly entered the house of another Committee leader, Dr. WalaEldin Ibrahim, and his wife, mother and children were questioned as to his whereabouts.

Read the rest of Sarah's post to learn more and take action.

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