President Obama, Keep Your Promise to the People of Darfur

This week, PHR joins the voices of many thousands of Americans calling on President Obama to keep his promise to the people of Darfur.Displacement, rape, torture and murder of civilians continue in this western region of Sudan. In March 2009, the International Criminal Court issued a warrant for the arrest of Sudan's head of state, President Omar al-Bashir, for war crimes and crimes against humanity. In July of this year, the Court added genocide to the charges. Yet, the Government of Sudan continues to harass and threaten aid workers, journalists and human rights advocates, making it almost impossible to provide humanitarian aid to hundreds of thousands of people in desperate need.Earlier this month, President al-Bashir blocked international assistance to Kalma Camp, one of the largest Internally Displaced Persons camps and temporary home to tens of thousands forced from their homes by the Government of Sudan troops and their proxy Janjaweed militias. Since 2004, PHR has documented in detail the destruction and desperation of the people of Darfur, calling for protection, access to humanitarian assistance and justice.Unless President Obama mobilizes strong pressure now to strengthen the mandate and response of UN peacekeepers in Darfur and exerts additional clear pressures on the Government of Sudan, we will see more bloodshed, death, and suffering.Mr. President, please don't let this happen on your watch!

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